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Tony struggles after a hard case , Gibbs sends him on a vacation hoping to help . Meeting Eliot Tony learns even more about himself and what he wants and with Eliot's help he gets it. 

This is a DiNozzo/Eliot Spencer pairing.

Tony had been slowly exploring the Island for the four days that he’d been here, and he kept finding his way to the Old Quarter Acoustic Café. They have a great atmosphere and live music. Sometimes the Bands playing are people you’ve heard of, but often enough they are just local bands who play.

Today he found himself sitting at the piano and caressing the keys. Tony can’t remember the last time that he actually let his fingers fly across a keyboard. Startled out of his musings when he heard a voice coming from behind him.

“Are you going to stare at the keys? I’m pretty sure it’s not a Player Piano, it won’t do tricks for you.”  His words heavily laden with a southern accent.

Tony turned around to see who had managed to sneak up on him, though he’d never admit that, and found himself looking into some startling blue eyes that would give Gibbs’ a run for their money. Internally shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he smiled.

“Damn! I thought maybe it would take requests.”

The blue eyed man laughed. “Not this one. But by the look of the way you had your hands on the keys, you do know how to play. So play.”

Taken back a bit by the man’s assumption, though true and the just do it attitude coming from him, Tony found that he was at a loss for a words and no witty comeback.

The man bent down and whispered in Tony’s ear. “Come on, you know you wanna.”

Tony laughed. “Maybe I just look like I can play? It’s all just an act to lure unsuspecting people into my web.”

"Nah. You play, maybe you haven’t in a while, but you do.” He pulled up a chair and sat down. "This is Rex’s Bar, I know him and trust me, he won’t mind. “

‘What about you? You play?”

He smiled. “I do. Play the guitar more than the keys though.”

Tony took a moment to look at the man; he was a bit shorter than himself, if he had to guess he’d say 5’10”. Solidly built with defined muscles, but not overly muscled, shoulder length thick sable hair, a great smile and those eyes.

Tony tentatively put his hands on the keys and flashed that DiNozzo smile over at the man. “Well, don’t say you haven’t been warned.” Tony was a little nervous, it had been a while since he’d played, but the moment his fingers started to dance over the keyboard he was lost.

He’d forgotten what music meant to him, he hadn’t taken the time to really do anything for just him in a long time. Tony didn’t know how long he let his fingers play, he was so immersed in the music. Coming out of the musical haze he’d woven he heard clapping. Startled, he just smiled and thanked them.

“I knew you could play.” The man just smirked at him.

‘Smartass.” Tony mumbled.

He laughed. “Come on Piano Man, and I’ll buy you lunch to help in your recovery process.”

Standing up and following him to a table. “So Cowboy,” He smirked, “You have a name?”

“Eliot. And you?”

“Tony.” The waitress came by and took their order and returned with their drinks. “So, are you in the habit of buying lunch for all wayward piano players? Or did I just start a new trend?”

“No. First time, how am I doing?” He smiled, his blue eyes twinkling with mirth.

“I’d say you’re doing ok. But it is early yet; don’t want to rush to judgment or anything.” Looking into Eliot’s eyes, Tony tried to see if he could tell what this impromptu lunch was all about, but got nothing. As open and friendly as Eliot appeared to be, he wasn’t going to let Tony in on his thoughts until he was ready.

Eliot took a drink. “So, Piano Man what do you do for a living?”

Tony grinned. “That what you’re going to call me Cowboy?” He asked in a teasing tone.


“I’m a Federal Agent and work for NCIS.” For a brief moment Tony thought about giving him some cockamamie bullshit answer, but that little voice in his head told him to go for it. Deciding that honest was the way to go, and if that voice was wrong he’d deal with it later. “I’m in Galveston on an extended vacation, I live in D.C. How about you, what do you do for a living?”

“I work for a company that helps people in need, little hard to explain, but that about sums it up. I have some family out this way and thought I’d visit.” Sitting back in his chair, he raised his chin in the direction of the piano. “How long have you played?”

Wrapping his hand around the beer, Tony took a deep breath. “Since I was five, my mother thought that ‘proper young men’ should be able to play. She tried the violin as well, but I sucked at it, or I hated it, take your pick. She died when I was eight, but I kept it up until I was twelve.”

“Why’d you stop?”

“Let’s just say my father and I disagreed on what my place in his home was. When that was effectively decided, my new residence didn’t have an emphasis on music. But much later I did pick it back up.”

Eliot watched Tony tell his story, knowing there was a great deal more behind it, but left it alone for now. He smiled at the shy smile Tony had on his face as he talked about music, sure that he would adamantly deny any such look.

“When you start it back up?” Eliot really wanted to know more about Tony, he hadn’t been this captivated by a man or woman in a long time.

“College, I went to Ohio State on a football Scholarship. Majored in Phys Ed and minored in Music. After my knee was blown out, I added a second Major in Forensic Psychology since I seemed to have a lot more free time.”

“Seems like you made the best of things. Did you like school?”

Tony chuckled. “There are many people that wouldn’t believe it, but yes I did. Did really well in school, graduated with honors and I went back a couple of years later and obtained my Masters while I was a cop. I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to school again.” Tony looked down at the table.

“Why not? If it’s something you want to do. What course of study?” Eliot took a swig of his beer and leaned forward elbow on the table.

“Music.” Tony said simply, not wanting to show how important this actually was.

“Good choice. Remember, I’ve hear you play.” Eliot smiled.

“True, but then again that’s only because you forced me.” He laughed and realized he hadn’t had this kind of relaxed fun in a long time.

The food was brought out and a comfortable silence fell between them as they began to eat. That gave Tony a chance to observe the man in front of him, without it being too noticeable. Eliot was definitely ex-military; he could tell that from the quiet strength that surrounded him. Tony could sense the intelligence and he was a lover of music. Tony was more than curious about what Eliot did for a living, who wouldn’t be after the vague description? He was absolutely going to ferret out more information on that.

Eliot glanced up from his plate. “You’re thinking too much, eat.”

Tony chuckled, “You know I’m starting to think you can read minds or something.”

“Nope. Nothing that exciting, I can just see it fit across your eyes. Relax, plenty of time to solve all the mysteries of the world later.” He smiled at Tony and the twinkle in his eyes just about did him in.

Tony had a sudden realization that he was more than attracted to Eliot, why it was such a surprise he didn’t know. Now all that needed to be figured out was if Eliot had the same attraction or was just a nice guy being friendly.

Finishing up lunch, Eliot looked over at Tony and smiled. “So how would you feel about playing the piano with my band tonight? And before you panic,” He raised one eyebrow as he leveled his gaze at Tony, “you’re more than good enough. And it’s just friends that get together and play some jazz, blues and just a bit of rockin’ country. You would fit right in.”

“Uh…wow, don’t know what to say. Sounds like fun but I don’t know the music. It’s been a really long time since I played, Cowboy.”

“So? Come on, you know you want to. Besides a lot of the music is improv and we just go with the flow, I know you can do that.”

He took a deep breath, Eliot was right he really did want to play and it sounded like fun. Let’s not mention the ulterior motive in wanting to get to know him better. And then thinking about the whole reason for the trip, this was exactly what it was all about.

“What the hell, I’ll do it.” Tony blurted out.

The smile that lit up Eliot’s face was more than enough to smother the initial fear that he’d felt. Starting to wonder how he could get that smile on Eliot’s face more often, but those were thoughts for later.

“Excellent. Why don’t you and I meet back here in two hours? I need to go get my guitar and get changed and then the two of us can jam here for a bit and get you more comfortable. We all just wear jeans, nothing fancy it’s just friends having fun. Rex likes it when there’s live music and he doesn’t have anyone booked.” Eliot explained.

Tony looked around at the Café. “I read that Rex is able to get a few well known bands to play here.”

Eliot nodded. “Lots of big names, he has friends everywhere and they all like to come play for Rex. He’s a nice guy, you’ll more than likely meet him later.”

We stood up and both of us started to reach for the bill, Tony received a glare from Eliot and laughed. “Alright, Cowboy, this time but next time it’s on me.”

Eliot smirked. “I’ll hold you to that, Piano Man.” He went to pay the bill definitely pleased by the turn of events.

They headed outside momentarily blinded by the sun.

“Thanks for lunch.” Tony smiled at Eliot. “I enjoyed the company and the food.”

“I’m glad and you’re welcome. I’ll see you back here in two hours.” He took two steps to be standing in front of me and whispered. “Just to make my intentions clear, I plan on enjoying your company a great deal more.” He winked at me and then walked off to his car, leaving me standing there with a goofy grin on my face.

Guess that answered that question! Getting in the Jeep and heading home to get ready for tonight, very thankful that a few nice shirts had been packed. Taking a shower and proceeding to get ready for tonight and refusing to let my nerves to get the better of me.

He thought about calling Abby and sharing what was happening. She would be beyond thrilled and excited, but he just wasn’t quite ready to share this yet. Taking one last peek in the mirror to make sure he looked alright before grabbing his wallet and keys heading back to the Café.

Pulling up and parking, Tony was greeted by an incredible sight, Eliot had on a denim shirt that made his eyes pop and jeans that hugged his body beautifully, he was incredible.

Flashing his smile, Tony greeted him. “Hey, Cowboy, long time no see.”

Eliot smirked. “You like calling me that don’t you?”

Tony shrugged. “Can’t help it, it stuck and it suits you. Is that a problem?”

He laughed. “For you, no, I like it when you call me that. But don’t let it go to your head.”

Tony put on his most innocent expression. “Moi?”

Eliot raised an eyebrow and grinned. “I’m not fooled by that look.” He paused and leaned into me. “But it is cute.”

Tony looked truly horrified. “Cute? Seriously?”

“Why? You can’t be cute?” Eliot patted my cheek affectionately. “I happen to like cute.”

“Still...” Tony whined.

Eliot moved his lips closer to my cheek. “What if I added sexy? Would that help?”

Tony knew that Eliot could feel the shiver that coursed through his body at those words mixed with the timber of Eliot’s voice. Tony’s own voice dropped an octave barely above a whisper and responded. “Yes.”

They pulled back and their eyes met, you could feel the connection, it was like a current running between them. Having no idea how long they stood there, lost in each other, he was pretty sure neither of them would have moved, but a passing pedestrian bumped into Eliot.

Smiling Eliot took a step back and a deep breath before pulling open the door to the Café. “This will be continued later, make no mistake about that, but for now let’s head inside and set up.”

Pulling himself together , Tony nodded and headed inside.

Eliot pulled out his guitar and started playing warming up as Tony sat down at the keyboard. They began to just play together their notes dancing around one another in the air courting one another. It was their music and their dance. They played for a while and then stopped for a drink to wait for the rest of the band to show up.

Taking a sip of his drink Eliot looked over at Tony. “We play well together, a natural flow.”

Tony smiled. “I noticed that. I’m glad you asked me to come tonight.”

He just smiled at the other man. “You free tomorrow afternoon?”

“I believe that I am, would you like me to pencil you in?”

He moved a little closer to Tony. “Definitely, though I’d use ink instead.” His lips barely grazed Tony’s leaving a feather light kiss upon them. How is it possible that something so simple and chaste, left Tony breathless and wanting.

Eliot sighed. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

Pulling back to look at Eliot, he was totally confused by his statement. “Why?”

Eliot ran the knuckles of his left hand along the side of Tony’s face. “Because now I want more and this isn’t the time or the place for me to explore that fully.” Blue eyes met green as he continued. “I don’t want to move this along too fast, I want to take my time and I want to know all of you.”

“I’d like that.”

Eliot’s smile lit up his face. “Good. Now let me move away before I can’t.” He stepped back, rolled his neck and shoulders. “Tomorrow then. Where you staying and I’ll pick you up?”

“Gulfshore Condo’s.”

“I know where those are, what room? Or would you rather meet me outside?”

Tony laughed. “I trust you, Cowboy. Penthouse suite.”

Eliot raised his eyebrow and snickered.

“What? I haven’t taken real time off in years, I decided to go all out. Are you saying I’m not worth it?” Tony teased.

He leered at Tony from head to toe. “Oh I’m not saying that at all.” His voice husky. “I’d say you’re worth more than that.”

“We have got to stop doing this here.” Tony growled out.

“I know, I know. I can’t help it.”

Saved at the moment by the arrival of the band members, taking a deep breath and gathering his composure. Eliot proceeded to introduce to the band.

He stood up and pointed to me. “This is Tony; his fingers are going to grace the keys to night.” They all smiled and nodded in my direction.

“This is Louis and he’s our drummer.” He pats him on the back.

Louis steps forward to shake my hand. “Hi, Tony, glad you could join us.”

Grabbing the second man by his shoulders, Eliot continues. “This here scallywag is Sal and he plays bass.”

Sal stepped forward laughing.  “He’s calling me a scallywag, the stories I could tell. Hi! You can tell me how he dragged you into our little group later, we’ll swap some stories.” Tony smiled ,the DiNozzo smile, and the group just shook their heads.

Eliot pointed to the last man. “Last, but certainly not least is Jacob and he will be playing the harmonica, the harp, the mouth organ. Either way he’ll be blowing hot air.”

“Seriously El, someone needs to slap some sense into you. Hi, Tony.”

Eliot laughed and sat back down beside Tony.

“So do we have a name?” Tony inquired.

Sal laughed. “Damn Eliot, you usually tell anyone that right off the bat.” He looked over at Tony. “I apologize for this buffoon’s lack of common courtesy, we call ourselves SNAFU.”

Tony snickered and looked at Eliot. “You holding out on me, Cowboy? Should I be worried that beer bottles are gonna fly at my head?”

“No beer bottles are going to fly at your head. We just liked the name SNAFU with us all being military and all that. And before you go off on a tangent about you not being military, Piano Man, just remember where you work.” Eliot looked around the table at the rest of the guys smiling at him. “What?”

Sal smirked, his brown eyes full of unchecked mischief.  “Cowboy? Is there something you’d like to share with the rest of the class Eliot?”

Eliot sent a glare over to Sal. “Not particularly.” He saw out of the corner of his eye that Tony was fighting not to laugh. “Et tu Brutus?” That was all Tony could take and he started laughing. Eliot tried to continue his supposed anger, but the sound of Tony laughing was too much.

Eliot sighed. “What do you want to know?”

Sal leaned forward conspiratorially. “Everything.”

Tony started in a sing song tone of voice. “Well, my mommy and daddy got married and at least once had sex, my sperm self, being the best and most-“ Eliot put his hand over Tony’s mouth and Tony just looked at him with the most innocent face that he could manage and shrugged his shoulders.

Louis shook his head. “Seems you’ve met your match there, El.”

Tony just smiled his million dollar smile.

Jacob laughed and sat back in his seat. “Serves you right after the grief you always give us about anyone new in our lives.” He looked over at Tony. “It’s a wonder my wife married me after she met him!”

Tony was quickly figuring out that his friends had no issue with him being a man and it felt damn good.

Eliot turned his head and smiled at Tony. “Tony’s a Federal Agent with NCIS out of DC, I saw him at the piano today and he was staring at it like it was going to jump him. One thing led to another and I finally was able to get him to play and asked him to play with us. And before you ask the answer is yes, I would like to see more of him.”

Sal snorted in his drink. “Ooohhhhh…how much do you want to see?”

Tony laughed. “You know Cowboy that did come out wrong.”

Eliot raised an eyebrow. “Are you saying I have no desire to see more of you?”

Tony stammered. “No…that’s…not, well shit! There’s no good way to answer that one is there?”

Eliot leaned in to Tony, his warm breath running across his ear as he whispered. “Not really, because I do want to see more of you.”

Tony shivered as he tried to control his body’s reaction. He figured it was time for a little payback of his own. He placed his hand on Eliot’s knee and started tracing a gentle pattern there and when one of the guys spoke to him he answered, like nothing was going on.

“So what brought you to Galveston?” Jacob asked.

Tony smiled. “A much needed break and vacation.” Tony’s hand moved up the inside of Eliot’s thigh running his fingers up and down in a feather light touch. Tony heard Eliot groan as his finger barely brushed over his crotch.

“Do you like it here? There’s a lot to see, good time of year for it as well.” Sal mentioned.

“It’s beautiful, I really have enjoyed it so far. I wasn’t aware I had such a love for the ocean.” Tony continued moving his hand up and down Eliot’s thigh adding patterns as he continued, grazing over a very hard cock and he could hear Eliot’s breathing speed up.

Eliot was trying so hard to stay calm and in some sort of control, but his body was screaming at him to take Tony right there, to ravage his body in a hundred different ways. He reached under the table and stopped Tony’s hand, taking it in his own. Tony turned to look at Eliot and green eyes met blue, both full of lust and desire.

Sal, Jacob and Louis watched with a mixture of humor and satisfaction, they may not know Tony all that well, but the connection between the two men could be felt by all sitting at the table it was palpable and Eliot sure as hell deserved to find something like that.

Sal cleared his throat. “Looks like it’s about time for us to play, everybody ready?” The table tried to hide their smiles as Eliot and Tony shook themselves out of their haze.

“What’s on the bill tonight?”  Jacob asked as he headed onto the stage.

“Freeform Blues and Jazz, sound good?” Eliot looked around to make sure they were all on the same page.

Louis looked over the drums. “Sounds great, beautiful night for that.”

Sal nodded. “Cool, man…real cool.” Tony snickered at that and started to get up, but Eliot grabbed his belt loop and pulled him back down and closer. Eliot’s voice deep and full of need made even sexier in Tony’s opinion by the heavy southern drawl.

“Where do you think you’re going? Do you think I’m going to let you go after you have my body screaming for release?” With each word Eliot brought their faces closer together, their lips so close they could feel their breath mingling on their lips.

Tony could barely breathe, his heart was pounding in his chest and his body felt like it was on fire. “What are you going to do about it, Cowboy?”

Eliot’s lips joined with Tony’s the fire between them ignited and ready to burn white hot, the kiss was intense and demanding, Eliot wanted all of Tony and he let him know it. In turn Tony let Eliot know he was his for the taking, that he couldn’t have said no even if he wanted to. Eliot pulled back his breathing ragged; caressing Tony’s face, he uttered one heart felt word. “Mine.” Tony smiled and leaned into his touch and whispered. “Yours.”

“Now let’s go make some music we can share with the public.” He grabbed Tony’s hand and helped him up as they headed on stage.

Eliot stepped up to the mic. “Good evening, y’all. Tonight we’re gonna play some blues and Jazz, on the Harmonica we have Jacob, the drums Louis, the bass Sal, the keys Tony and I’m Eliot vocals and guitar. We call ourselves SNAFU.” Tony chuckled and Eliot smiled and continued. “We hope you enjoy the music tonight, if there’s something you want to hear please let us know and if we can we’ll play it. Grab yourself a drink, sit back and enjoy.”

Sal started with the bass and as they all got a feel for the music they joined in one by one. Tony was amazed at how good it felt and how seamlessly he fit in. He just allowed the music the flow through him, as he felt it his fingers played, it was remarkable.

They played for nearly an hour before they took a break. Eliot grabbed Tony and escorted him out the back door, propping it open so it wouldn’t close, the minute the door was secure he pushed Tony against the wall his body pinning Tony’s.

Eliot captured Tony’s lips, pressing into his body leaving no room between them. Eliot’s tongue mapped every inch of his mouth intent on claiming ownership. There was heat building between the two of them that they were unable to control.  

Tony needed more and wrapped his arms around Eliot’s waist, pulling him tighter, moaning as their erections ground together through the fabric of their jeans. Tony had never felt so consumed and it was something he never wanted to stop.

The kiss in its intensity paled in comparison to the lava flowing through Tony’s body. The need for more skin, the need for more anything all he knew was that he wanted it all. Eliot started leaving a trail of fiery kisses down Tony’s neck.

Tony moaned. “God, please don’t stop.” He managed to murmur.

At the sound of Tony’s voice and the please, Eliot bit down, marking Tony, he was his and that was all there was about it.

Tony groaned and  grinding his hips, rubbing their hard cocks together, and their need great. Eliot managed to come to his senses.

Lifting his lips from Tony’s neck and resting his forehead against Tony’s shoulder, he panted, trying to settle his heart down. “Tony, not here, not like this. I want more. Let’s finish our set and go home.”

Tony took in air. “You’re right, ok…settling down.”  Neither one willing to fully distance themselves from the other, settling down became more difficult. Eliot leaned in and kissed Tony once more conveying the promise of later and all that would entail.

They separated, straightened their clothing, and headed back inside, only to be met by the grinning faces. Tony blushed, but smiled brightly, kissed Eliot on the cheek and headed back to the piano.

Eliot looked at his friends trying to maintain a scowl, but couldn’t and finally just grinned.

They burst out laughing.

Sal found his voice first. “Hey man, we’re really just yanking your chain! Truth is, it’s good to see you like this, been awhile and we’re happy for you. Tony seems like a nice guy and it’s obvious he digs you for some reason!”

“Louis is just jealous that you were making out and he’s all celibate.” Jacob smirked at Louis. “And let me just say as a happily married man, with a beautiful wife, DAMN! You two looked hot together!”

Tony shook his head laughing. “Well duh, look at us!” He sent a mock glare over to Louis. “Be warned though, I don’t share and I do carry a gun. Not to mention one of my best friends is a Forensic Scientist and she’s always reminding us that she is one of the few people that can kill someone and leave no forensic evidence. Don’t make me try her out, I just met you.”

Louis just stood there with his mouth hanging open. Eliot laughed put his finger under Louis’s chin and gently closed his mouth. “You already know I don’t share.”

Louis laughed and threw his hands in the air. “Ok…I get it, neither of you share and apparently Tony has some scary friends.” Tony just shrugged.

“Everybody ready?” They all nodded and Eliot sent Tony a wink before turning to the crowd. “We’re back! Everybody ready for some more? Grab a drink and a snack and let’s make some music.”

They played for close to two hours and then called it a night. The crowd feed on their good humor, their camaraderie, and the great music.

“Alright, everybody ready to head out? Tony, man your fingers are magic on the keyboard. Really hope we get to play again soon totally amazing.” Sal patted Tony on his back.

“Thanks, don’t know when I’ve had this much fun. Loved playing with you guys. Glad to meet you all as well, really would like to hear stories sometime!” Tony smiled at the men.

Sal nodded as he headed out the door. “We’ll work on that. Later!”

Jacob smirked evilly. “Oh definitely Tony, I’m sure my wife would love to share some as well. Remember Eliot, paybacks a bitch. Look forward to seeing you again Tony. Night all.”

Louis laughed. “You’re in trouble now! Have fun you two, Tony great meeting you and look forward to seeing you soon. I’ll even see if I can’t locate some pictures of El here.” Louis waved as he headed off into the night.

Eliot and I headed out the Café doors and ended up standing in front of my Jeep.

“So Cowboy, your car someplace safe?” Eliot moved closer to Tony.


Just the nearness of his body was causing Tony’s heart to beat erratically and he had to remind himself to breathe.  Unable to grasp his thoughts in any sort of coherent way I merely whispered. “Kiss me.”

“As you wish.” As the words left his mouth, his lips captured mine and he pulled Tony into a hot, wet kiss. He nibbled on his lips before snaking his tongue between them, Tony responded to the kiss and moaned into Eliot’s mouth as desire and need coursed through his body.

He released Tony’s  mouth and whispered roughly in his ear. “Get in and drive, now. If you don’t I will take you right here.” Nodding to let him know he was heard, he struggled to get the keys into his shaking hands. 

Eliot slipped in the passenger seat as the car was started and they headed to the Condo. Eliot walked in the door after Tony, pushes it closed and turned to Tony pushing him into the door as his lips begin ravaging Tony’s in a brutal kiss that sent shivers through out Tony’s entire body, moaning as their hips were thrusting into each other. Eliot growled and grabbed the sides of Tony’s shirt and ripped it open, buttons scattering on the floor as his lips blazed a heated tail from his neck down.

Finding the pebbled nubs Eliot ran his tongue around it before taking it in his mouth. Tony groaned and took a hand running it through Eliot’s hair and holding him in place. Tony gasped as his nails raked over his pebbled nub, He arched into his touch hissing at the sheer pleasure Eliot is coaxing from his body. His hands search for the belt making quick work of it and he unbuttoned his jeans.

Tony thrust into Eliot’s hands trying to silently beg for more, more of everything. But Eliot takes his time here, enthralled at the picture Tony makes as his lips are swollen, his eyes glazed and his face flushed and Eliot was sure if he could see Tony’s eyes that they would be mere slivers of green and his pupils blown with desire.

Excruciatingly slow, Eliot continues to lower the zipper; Tony’s cock is throbbing straining at the zipper to get free. Eliot runs his hand down Tony’s thigh and then back up again, just as Tony had teased him at the table in the Café. Eliot only gently grazes Tony’s erection.

Tony continues to try and thrust into Eliot’s hand as his cock aches for his touch. Eliot ignores the silent plea as he continues the journey up the opposite thigh, Eliot’s touch still teasing and once again only gently grazes his leaking cock.

Tony moaned as he felt Eliot’s hands at his hips, pushing his jeans down. Eliot growled as he realized Tony was commando. “Jesus, Tony. Damn good thing I didn’t know that earlier.” Freeing his neglected dick,his  heated breath wafts over the cock head a tremor runs through Tony’s body.

 Eliot runs his tongue over the head of Tony’s cock claiming all the pre-cum that had collected there. He runs his tongue down the shaft and back up again.

Tony begs. “Please … Eliot.” Eliot lifts his head to look at Tony.

“Please what Tony?” And continues licking and caressing with his tongue, the head of Tony’s cock.

“Suck me, touch me more…anything, but I need to cum. God, Please Eliot make me cum.” Tony gasped out.

Eliot wrapped his lips around Tony’s cock an engulfing it in the hot, wet heat of his mouth. ‘Tony hiss’s at the sensations that Eliot’s tongue and mouth are causing in him. Tony reaches his hand out to stabilize his shaking body and places one on the wall and one on Eliot’s head.

Tony manages to look down and growls as his cock disappears into Eliot’s mouth, Tony feels the tongue running along the glans. “Oh shit.” Tony exclaims, when he saw Eliot’s lips wrapped around his dick, the sight is too erotic for Tony to watch.

Tony wasn’t going to be able to hold out long, it just felt too damn good. Eliot ran a hand down between Tony’s legs, teasing his puckered hole by running his fingers around the muscles at the entrance. The dual sensations were going to be Tony’s undoing, his hips began to thrust with urgent need for more as Eliot eased one finger inside Tony’s ass.

Tony felt the tingle in the base of his spine,his balls tightening as his body begged for release. Eliot’s finger found the sweet spot and as he rubbed it Tony couldn’t hold it anymore. Tony cried out his release and streams of hot cum shot down Eliot’s throat. Tony gasped as aftershocks went through his body, the only reason he was standing was because Eliot was holding him up.

Eliot stood up claiming Tony’s mouth once again in a wet and dirty kiss, Tony able to tasting himself on Eliot’s tongue.

Tony began pulling at Eliot’s shirt. “Clothes,” he panted. “too many clothes on.”  Tony started on Eliot’s clothes wanting to feel his skin on him.

They divested each other of their clothing and managed to make their way to the bed room, falling onto the bed, and their bodies entwined aching with need. Eliot’s lips locked on Tony’s as he eased a finger in gently, “Lube...where?” Obviously neither could put together a coherent thought.

“Drawer…left.” Tony’s body opened around the finger and was clasped with wet heat; Eliot continued working that finger in and out slowly before adding a second. Tony writhed against the fingers penetrating his ass, wanting more, needing more. He wanted Eliot inside of him. But Eliot was intent on driving Tony over the edge, he began playing with Tony’s dick, making it hard again as his fingers prepared me. Tony looked at Eliot as he hovered over Tony.

Tony circled his arms around Eliot’s back, fingers grasping for leverage. Eliot positioned his weeping cock at Tony’s entrance and threw Tony’s legs around his hips and inch by inch filled him. Giving Tony a moment to adjust to Eliot’s girth, Tony reveled in the fullness that was the other man.  Tony wrapped his legs around Eliot and pulled him closer and deeper inside his body. Tony smirked as he caused Eliot to moan.

Eliot pulled nearly all the way out and thrust back in brushing Tony’s sweet spot. Seeing the reaction and knowing he was in the right position, he began thrusting in earnest. Tony felt every inch of Eliot as his body was claimed by Eliot.

Eliot leaned down and crushed his lips to Tony’s as he neared his release. He placed a hand between their bodies and began stroking Tony’s cock in time with his thrusts. He felt Tony’s dick swell as he neared release. “Cum for me again, Tony, give it up for me.” Eliot demanded as he felt his own release nearing.

“Eliot.” Tony screamed as he covered Eliot’s hand with his release. Lifting up and tilting his head back, Eliot cried out as he came. Tony could feel the heat and he remembered vaguely hearing his name coming off Eliot’s lips as the warmth of his cum filled him. Their breathing was ragged as they struggled to come out of the haze. Eliot gently pulled out of Tony and rolled to his side. Tony moaned at the loss.

They looked at each other as they floated back down to earth, Eliot’s hand reached to gently push the dampened hair off Tony’s forehead, and his hand came to rest on his chest. Lost in each other and too spent to get up and wash up, Eliot grabbed his shirt and wiped both of them down the best he could and pulled Tony close to him as they started to drift off to sleep.

“Eliot whispered in Tony’s ear. “I’m not letting you go.” Knowing that he meant it, though he wasn’t quite sure how they were going to work it all out, he knew that Tony was his and that was all he needed to know.

“Don’t let go, I don’t want you to.”  They both smiled as they fell asleep, content to be in each other’s arms.


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