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Rating- MA
Pairing- Gibbs/DiNozzo
Disclaimer-Don't own them...make no money..yada...yada..yada.

Summary- Tony has been in Italy for two weeks attending his Great Uncle's funeral,tending to his estate and for two weeks Gibbs gut has been churning. Tony has stayed in touch with Abby everyday except for he alright? What happened? But he does say that he will be returning in time to attend Abby's Halloween party and is excited to hear that she managed to get Gibbs to attend. So what's going on?

Huge and I do mean HUGE thanks to Rose Malmaison for the amazing artwork!! It is so cool!


It had been a long two weeks, two weeks that Tony had been in Italy, two weeks that his gut had been churning and two weeks that he still hadn’t been able to figure out why.  Everyone he knew and cared about was ok and there had been no real cases to keep the team busy.

Gibbs wished that Tony hadn’t had to go to Italy alone but there was no way for any of them to get off at the same time with the injuries plaguing the other teams.  It didn’t matter that the younger man said he was fine, that he didn’t know the uncle very well and had only met him twice.  No one should have to face a death alone.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that he was the executor of his Great Uncle’s will, Tony assured everyone he wouldn’t be going either.


“Tony, why are you the executor of his will if you only met him twice?”  Abby asked.

Tony shrugged.  “No clue.  I asked the lawyer and he gave me some round about story about me being the first born male, but I’m not and then something in Italian about glowing green eyes.”

Abby took Tony’s face in her hands and squinted at him as she examined his eyes.  “Hinky!”


“Your eyes really do glow.”  Releasing his face, she started pacing in her lab.  “Have they always glowed like that?  I mean you think I would have noticed.  I have looked at you for years Tony and I should have noticed.”

Gibbs and Tony watched as Abby paced back in forth in the lab.  Tony shrugged.  Gibbs shook his head but wondered why he too had never noticed that before.

Tony stepped in front of Abby.  “Relax; maybe it’s something new or the lights in here.  Hell maybe it’s because I turned forty and this is old age thing.”

Abby placed her hands on her hips and tilted her head.  “Tony…you’re not old.”

Smiling he kissed her cheek.  “Thanks Abs.  I need to go make arrangements.”  Placing his fingers on her lips, “I will text you and send pics.  Vance gave me two weeks because of it being abroad and to handle any legal things I may need to.  OK?”

Abby nodded.

**End Flashback**

Looking at DiNozzo’s empty desk, he felt relieved that his SIC was coming home in a couple of days.  He had been true to his word and had sent texts and pics to Abby everyday except one.  Abby figured it was the day he had to meet with the lawyer, was swamped and just didn’t get to it.  So why the hell was his gut churning?

Having sent Ziva and McGee home, he looked around the quiet bullpen.  It was too quiet; he really missed Tony’s noise.  He was thankful that during the two weeks they hadn’t caught any difficult cases.  ZIva and McGee had come a long way, but they still weren’t the investigator that Tony was.

Hearing the familiar clomp of Abby’s heavy boots, he turned and smiled.  “Tony send you another picture?”

Grinning from ear to ear, she smiled, “He did.” holding up her phone so that he could see.

Looking at the phone, he studied the picture, strangely drawn to it.  It looked like a very old chapel of some sort, but not one he recognized as any sort of denomination.

“What is it?”

“It’s a Santuario del Potere, A Shrine of Power that is on the estate in Italy of his Great Uncle Ambrogio.  Tony said that the man left him his estate and that there is a lot included beyond money.”  Abby tilted her head.  “When I talked to him right after he found out he was really surprised that none of the relatives were contesting or fighting and they almost seemed scared of him.  Then I didn’t talk to him or hear from him at all the next day.  But I understood, I mean there was a lot going on.”

“It’s beautiful.  So what else has you all excited?”

Abby bounced up and down on the balls of her feet, practically bursting with excitement.  “He is going to be home in time for my Halloween Party!  He said he will be there!  So you have to come Gibbs…you just have to!  It’s mostly all the people from work, the Nuns and a few friends.  I’m dressing up as Cat Woman.”

Waving her hands all over as she excitedly continued, “And now that Tony is going to be there you need to be there.  It will be fun and you can relax.  And I know that you’ve missed Tony.  And please Gibbs.”

Gibbs stared into Abby’s green eyes wanting to say no.  He didn’t do parties, and though she was right, he missed Tony, he could see him later.  He wanted to see how he was after the trip and funeral anyway.  A party on Halloween wasn’t his idea of a good time.  But as he looked into the hopeful and pleading green eyes, he heard himself say yes, before he could stop it.


Abby, stunned into silence for a moment, immediate regained her equilibrium and rushed over to hug the older man.  “Thank you, thank you!  I am so happy!  And I have the perfect costume in mind for you.”

“Costume, Abs?  I don’t remember hearing the word costume.”

Tilting her head and giving Gibbs a surprised look, she responded.  “It’s Halloween!  Of course there are costumes.  But don’t worry; the one I am thinking of for you is comfortable, easy, and normal.  OK?”

Sighing Gibbs nodded.  “What is it?”

“You can come as Indiana Jones.  He’s a movie character.  He was based in the ‘30’s so it is basically khaki pants, a long sleeved tan linen shirt, leather bomber jacket, brown fedora, and a bullwhip.  All pretty easy actually.  And even if not to period, you can wear your gun.  He had one.”

“I can do that.”  It didn’t sound outlandish or over the top, he would wear it without protest.  “Where would I find the stuff to wear Abby?”

“I’ll take care of it Bossman.  I’ll pick it up and have it ready for you; it’s really an easy thing to pick up.  Just a couple of things and you can even wear your own shoes.”

Chuckling Gibbs pressed a kiss to her temple.  “OK.  When is this shindig?”

“Tomorrow night Gibbs.  8:00 at my house.  And no, you don’t need to bring anything, just you.  The Sisters wanted to cook up a bunch of stuff.  I’ll drop the stuff for your costume off at your house.”  She squealed, hugging the older man once more.

“I’m so excited!  Tony is coming home and making it to my party and you are coming!  This is so great!”

Gibbs chuckled as he watched her bounce out of the bullpen.


They hadn’t yet gotten a case so it looked like Abby’s party was definitely on.  After lunch, McGee and Ziva began to question Gibbs to determine if he was attending.

McGee looked over at Gibbs.  “So Boss, has Abby talked you into showing up at her party?”  He and Ziva both waited for the expected response.

“As a matter of fact she has.”  Knowing the answer was a surprise, he understood the comical looks on both of his Agents.  “What?  Am I too old to attend a party?”

“N...n..No, Boss.  Just surprised.  You always say no.”  McGee stammered.

“Time for something different McGee.”  There was no way he would tell Ziva and McGee that he couldn’t say no to Abby.  That was information that they didn’t need to know.

Ziva tried to help McGee out.  “Then what is your disguise?”

“Costume Ziva, not disguise.”  McGee corrected.

Puzzled she looked at him.  “Are you not changing your appearance?  Making yourself look different?  Is that not a disguise?”

McGee nodded.  “Yes those are all things you are trying to do, but with a different purpose than a disguise.  This is for a party and fun, and people will dress up as something different or crazy.  Like maybe witches, warlocks or Zombies.  Not the same kind of thing you would use for a disguise.”

Ziva tilted her head in thought.  “I see the difference McGee.  Thank you.  What is your costume then?”

McGee smirked.  “I am going as a Rocketman with a jetpack and everything!”  Looking over at Gibbs, “No Boss, not one of the real packs and no fuel.  But after we had that case a couple of years ago, I haven’t stopped thinking about everything that I learned.  Been working on this for awhile.”

Gibbs smirked at McGee.  “You did love that case.  Great idea McGee.”

McGee looked at Ziva.  “How about you?”

Ziva smiled.  “Abby helped me with mine.  After watching movies with Tony, I wanted to be something out of one of them.  She suggested that I be Jessica Rabbit from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’.  I watched that movie and found her to be fun and alluring.  She will be my costume.”

McGee gulped as he imagined Ziva in such a dress.  “Should work very nicely for you.”  Both agents turned their heads towards Gibbs and McGee asked.

“How about you, Boss?  I heard Balboa is coming as Captain America, Jimmy as Dr. Horrible and Ducky as Illya Kuryakin from ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’”

Gibbs smiled at the others choices.  “Abby is picking me up something to wear, some sort of movie hero.  Seemed OK.”

Ziva smiled.  “Who?”

Gibbs shook his head.  “Don’t remember his name.  Think it was a state, or something and he carried a whip.”

McGee’s eyes went wide at that remark.  This was Abby they were talking about.  A whip?  What kind of movie was this?

Gibbs looked at his watch deciding they could call it a day.  They had put some long hours in the week before and they didn’t have anything pressing.

“Clear you desks and get out of here.”

A duet of ‘Thanks’ was heard as they quickly took him up on that offer.  Gibbs chuckled as the elevator doors closed behind the backs of his retreating agents.  He cleared off his own desk and left wondering what Abby had found for his costume.  She had stopped in the bullpen earlier to tell him she dropped it off at his house and she couldn’t wait to see him tonight.

He pulled in his driveway hoping that he hadn’t made a mistake in letting her do all the shopping.  As he entered his home, he saw the packages on the couch and sighed.  Steeling himself, he walked over to look inside and smiled.  He could do this, the clothes were fairly normal.  He chuckled when he saw the picture she had printed out showing what Indiana Jones looked like.

Changing his clothes, he decided to work in the basement a bit before the party.  His gut was still churning but in a different way.  It was in anticipation and he could no more give cause for that either.

Working the wood hoping to clear his mind, he felt suddenly lightheaded, out of sorts, and made his way to the couch to lay down where he promptly fell asleep.  His mind was not at rest however, he was assailed with images; erotic, sexual, and heated, that filled his body with desire.  In his sleep, he was moaning and writhing as the dream hands stroked, caressed, and explored his body.

He was begging for more wanting to give in to the need and desire that was coursing through his body but his dream lover shook their head.  Desperate to feel more he tried to grasp at the shadowed person in his dream but was unable to reach them.  Panting and desperate for release his hands searched for his throbbing cock intending to stroke it to completion, but a growl stopped him as he heard the word ‘Minera’ (mine) .

He found that he obeyed without question and his hands went to his sides though he was thrusting urgently into the air, begging and pleading.  ‘Presto’ (soon) was whispered in his ear.  His body calmed and relaxed with the soothing sound and promise that the one word held.  He fell into a restful sleep but not before he felt the feather light kiss on his lips.

Waking on the couch, he tried to remember getting there.  His last memory was working on the boat but also was a feel of a kiss.  Shaking his head, he got up and went to the kitchen.  It must have been a dream.  Making coffee and a quick sandwich to hold him until the party, he looked at the clock and noted the time, not realizing he had slept so long.  Quickly eating and drinking two cups of coffee, he grabbed the bags from the coffee table and headed upstairs to shower.

Stripping and placing his clothes in the hamper, he started the water, stepped in, and allowed the water to cascade down his back.  Placing his head under the spray, he grabbed the washcloth and the soap and began to run it over his body.

A wave of unexpected need and desire flowed through him, the feelings nearly bringing him to his knees.  Panting as he struggled to catch his breath, he looked down at his erect cock, the head dripping with pre-cum, and red with need.  Moving his hand to stroke it, he felt a presence in his head and the words ‘No…Minera’ (no…mine).  “I’m going crazy” was the only thought that ran through his mind as he obeyed the words he sensed more than heard.

Finishing his shower, he felt a warm and loving embrace settle him and comfort him.  He gave into the sensation and finally felt at peace for the first time in a long time that he could remember.  Drying off he went to the bedroom, put on the clothes Abby purchased, and looked in the mirror.  Not bad, this would do.  Grabbing his gun, badge and the whip he readied himself to head out to the party.

Arriving at Abby’s he was greeted by everyone.

“Boss, Indiana Jones.  Very nice, it suits you.”  McGee told him.

Ziva looked beautiful in the red floor length gown and her hair done in the style of her character.  “McGee is right, this works for you.  It was a very good idea that Abby had.  Something that you can be comfortable in.”

Abby came bounding over.  “Gibbs!  You look so handsome!  Not that you ever don’t look handsome.  But this is different, it’s sexy and badass.  You’re a hero with a whip!  And the hat looks good on you, better than the NCIS caps.  But I need to undo a couple of shirt buttons, not too many, but the shirt needs to be looser.”  Abby went to undo a couple of buttons and stopped with a puzzled look on her face.

“Did you hear that?”

“Gibbs shook his head. “  Hear what Abs?”

“A growl?”  Gibbs just shook his head.  Abby shook hers, went to reach for Gibbs shirt again, and stopped.

She looked at Gibbs and shook her head.  “You do it.  Just unbutton two and that will be more like it.  I know when not to touch.”

Gibbs looked puzzled as she walked away and unbuttoned a couple of the buttons.  Talking to Ducky and Jimmy while grabbing some food he stood back and watched the goings on, smiling.  He looked for Tony but he still hadn’t arrived.

He suddenly felt the air around him change and his eyes fluttered closed of their own accord.  He felt safe and protected as he waited though he didn’t know what he was waiting for until he heard the voice whisper in his ear.

“Open your eyes.”  Immediately his blue eyes flew open and he was staring into the green eyes of Tony.  Overwhelmed by the desire running through his veins like molten lava he tried to gain back some equilibrium.  Looking at the man so close in front to him, he noticed the expensive suit; he was dressed to the nines.  But there was something different about the man, power was emanating from him, surrounding him.

“What the hell kind of costume is that?  You wear suits all the time DiNozzo.”  His voice, lower and husky, yet still shook.

“True.  I’m here as me tonight.  I didn’t feel the need for a costume to claim what is mine.”  Stepping closer into Gibbs’ space Tony leaned in and ran his tongue along the column of Gibbs exposed neck.  Hearing a gasp, he ran it up the strong jaw line before capturing Gibbs’ lips in a savage kiss, his tongue licking the older man’s bottom lip before claiming his mouth.  Gibbs pressed his body tighter into Tony’s wanting…no needing to be closer.  At that moment, all the images that assailed him in his sleep earlier came rushing through him.  The dream lover was Tony.  He could feel the younger man’s cock hard in his pants and began to thrust his hips into it wanting his own cock to feel the heat and friction.

Gibbs realizing where they are, pulled back panting.  “We can’t do this.”

Tony understanding the gist of what Gibbs was saying looked at the older man.  “They can’t see us right now, unless I choose for them to.”

Gibbs confused and aroused, looked around.  It was true, there were people nearly on top of them, but they didn’t notice them.  “How?”

Tony winked, “A little something I picked up in Italy.” leaning back down to nibble the older man’s neck.  Gibbs unable to stop the need to have Tony close tilted his neck in acceptance.  “Fuck.”  He mumbled as Tony nipped and licked his neck, making his way to his ear.

Tony whispered.  “Tell me you don’t want this, us and I’ll stop, make you forget and move on.”

Gibbs unable to lie and not wanting to ignore the attraction and feelings any longer answered the younger man honestly.  “Yes.  God I want you.  But more than a fling, Tony I can’t do that with you.”

Tony inhaled the man’s scent before answering.  “No.  If I take you, you will be mine forever.  I can’t have you for less.”

Gibbs was slightly puzzled at the words but wanted to make his intentions clear.  “No games Tony.  You had better be serious.”

Tony turned Gibbs face so that he could see his eyes as he spoke.  “I don’t play games.”  Gibbs saw the green eyes alight with fire and couldn’t turn away.  “I will claim you as mine own and there will be no others. “  Gibbs shivered at the intensity of the words.  “Is that what you want?”


Tony utters the words.  “Tu sie mio e io sono tuo per l’ eternita’ (you are mine and I am yours for eternity)”

Tony’s hand slid down the older man’s chest and wrapped around his cloth covered cock.  He squeezed as he stroked it slowly enjoying the sounds that Gibbs was making.  “Tony.  Home, take me home.”  Faster than he could blink Gibbs found that he was loaded in his car and headed home.  Tony kept one hand on him as he drove; stroking him, keeping the fire flamed beyond belief.

Pulling in his driveway, he had a brief thought.  “Abby, we didn’t say goodbye to her or anyone.”  Tony grinned.

“But they believe that we did.”  And the two men walked in the front door.  As soon as the door clicked, Tony pushed the older man against it and attacked his neck with his mouth and tongue, his knee pressed between his legs, pushing against his cock and balls.

Gibbs heard the word ‘Minera’ as he felt something sharp at his neck.  He was nearly brought to his knees as the most intense orgasm he had ever felt flowed through him, taking him by surprise.  Overwhelmed and needing more he begged Tony.

“Touch me, take me please.”  Tony licked his neck and gracefully dropped to his knees in front of the older man.  With one hand ripping his pants from Gibbs’ body, he grabbed the man’s cum covered cock and began licking him clean, moaning as he did so.

Gibbs was panting, his heart beating erratically as he once again was filled with images of Tony and he in every position imaginable and he wanted them all.  “Fuck that feels so good…don’t stop.”  Placing his hands in Tony’s hair and gripping as the younger man’s tongue and mouth worked over his cock.

“You taste so good.”  Tony breathed as he engulfed Gibbs cock in his heated mouth.  Gasping for air Gibbs felt his cock start to harden inside Tony’s mouth as the younger man sucked.  He could feel the graze of teeth on the underside of his cock and groaned.  He had never been so turned on or aroused in his life.

Tony began to bob up and down on the older man’s dick and it became too much for Gibbs as his head banged back against the door.  Feeling the familiar tingle start at the base of his spine he tugged on Tony’s hair to warn him, rendered speechless by the younger man’s ministrations.  Again, he felt a sharp prick as another mind blowing orgasm wreaked havoc through his body and he poured his release down Tony’s throat.

Tony continued to suck and lick the older man’s cock until the tremors settled down.  Standing up he latched on to Gibbs in a wet and dirty kiss and molded his body to his.

Gibbs only had one coherent thought in his head.  He wanted Tony to take him, it didn’t matter that he had never done or desired a man before all he knew was that he needed Tony to take him, to be inside him.

Gibbs pulled back from the kiss.  “Tony, take me please.  I need to feel you inside me.”

Tony stopped.  “We take that step Jethro, there is no turning back.  Its forever.  No game, no changing your mind.  You will be mine for eternity.  Are you sure?”

Gibbs looked up at Tony’s face, saw the fangs for the first time, and realized what this all meant.  But from the first moment that he felt his dream lover, even before he knew it was Tony, he knew that he belonged with them.  That sense of peace and contentment and all-consuming desire was what he wanted, always.

Looking into the glowing green eyes, he knew that he had feelings for this man for years, didn’t understand them so he pushed them aside.  Now being given the chance for eternity with the man he loved there really was only one answer.

“I assume there is a story behind the new additions?”

“Yes.  Do you want the story now or later?”  Gibbs looked down at the very prominent bulge in Tony’s pants, placed his hand over the younger man’s hard cock, and squeezed causing Tony to growl.

“Story later, right now I want this.”

 Tony snatched Jethro, rushed to the bedroom, and within seconds, had both men naked and leered down Jethro’s body.

“So sexy.”  Jethro was unable to breathe as Tony’s hands touched every inch of him.  He was so lost in the touches he never noticed when a lubed finger breached the tight muscle of his puckered hole as Tony expertly played his body.  He was soon writing and begging for more.

Tony gladly gave in and suddenly three fingers were thrusting in and out of Jethro’s ass as the older man fucked himself on Tony’s fingers.  Jethro was surprised at his desire and need to be taken instead of being in charge, begged, and pleaded with Tony.

“Now Tony.  I want to feel your cock inside me, I need it…please.”

Tony asked one more time.  “Are you sure Jethro?  This is the last step.  If I take you and fill you with my release, you’re mine.  I claim you and then I shall turn you.  IS that what you want?”

Understanding that Tony needed a true answer, that he was giving him a chance to back out, decides he needed to come clean.  “I’m sure Tony.  I’ve loved you for a long time.  Denied it, hid it, and didn’t understand it.  But I get it now.  I’m yours as much as you’re mine.  So claim me, mark me, fuck me, and turn me.  Whatever you need to do, because I want all of that with you.”

Tony gasped at the words and then smiled; his fangs gleamed in the moonlight.  “I love you Jet.  Siamo come e’ stato sempre fatto per sesser- l’ associazone insieme per I’ eternita’ (we are as it was always meant to be- bound together through eternity).”, and sank his fangs into Jethro’s neck at the same time his cock slid in his ass.

Unmistakable love filled Gibbs as Tony thrust in and out of his ass.  Wrapping his legs around Tony’s waist to pull him deeper inside, he wanted to feel every inch of Tony, nearly losing consciousness as Tony hit his prostate.  It was beyond imagination.  Tony sensed he found Jethro’s sweet spot when he heard the man cry out and continued to thrust as his fangs worked the man’s neck.

Suddenly he could hear Tony’s thoughts in his head.  “Minera (mine) …Te Amo (I love you)...  Ho siempre amato (I have always loved you)… bisagno di te (need you)… aspettato cosi a lungo (waited so long)…per sempre (forever.).”  Jethro came as the thoughts played in his head and screamed Tony’s name.  As soon as Jethro released, Tony followed filling the older man with his essence.  With the last thrust of his cock and one last suck at Jethro’s neck, he removed his fangs and screamed Jethro’s name.

Collapsing against each in sheer ecstasy, they held each other tightly.

“Mine.”  Tony whispered.

“Yours.”  Jethro replied.

Tony held Jethro tightly, reveling in the fact that the man loved him; they loved each other.  And now were bound together for eternity.  Overall having just come back from having his world turned upside down, that was a definite perk.

He was waiting patiently for the older man to realize he wasn’t tired or sleepy.



“I’m not tired.  Is this part of the change?”

Tony grinned.  “Yep.  You won’t get tired, need sleep or food, or get sick.  You’ll be damn hard to kill and injuries will heal a great deal faster.  We do need blood, but not to the point of needing it daily and not like in the movies.  Bagged blood will work just fine.”

“There is no issue with the sun, though it does do damage if we are out in it extensively, you would just need more blood.  The whole reflection thing is a myth as well; I was pretty bummed after I found out so much was not true.  I mean, come on Jet, they had to get something right.”

Jethro smiled at the name that rolled of Tony’s lips.

“I’m sure you must have some questions.”

“I do, but that’s not what I want at this minute.”

Tony kissed the other man’s neck as he asked, “What do you want at this minute?”

Jethro reaching his hand behind his back grabbed Tony’s cock.  “I want this again.”

Tony groaned as Jethro stroked up and down his shaft.

“So, the name Sex Machine was a misnomer as well.”

“Oh hell no it wasn’t.”  Tony flipped Jethro over and began to torment him with his lips.  Nipping at his neck and grazing his nipples with his fangs.

“God yes.”  Jethro growled.

“Like that?”  Tony asked as he grazed them again.

Jethro unable to speak nodded as his hips began to writhe against Tony bringing their erections together.  Tony started to grind against Jethro’s cock, their pre-cum coating their shafts as he placed his hand between them and squeezed their cocks together. 

“Fuck!”  Jethro gasped.

Growling Tony lowered his fangs, grazing them down the other man’s chest.  Removing his hand from around their joined cocks, he slid down Jethro’s body.

“I believe I need another taste.”

“Fuck yes.” Jethro groaned.

Tony took Jethro’s cock between his fangs and slid it in and out sending tremors throughout both of their bodies.  Using his tongue to swirl around the head of the older man’s cock, he pressed his tongue into the slit.  Jethro was panting and begging as he reached down to hold Tony’s head on his cock.

Tony sensing the older man was close squeezed the base of his cock.

Jethro groaned.  “Please.”

“Not yet, Mi Amor.”

Placing a pillow underneath Jethro’s hips raising him up, Tony without warning plunged his tongue inside the older man’s puckered hole causing him to rise off the bed and pillow.


Tony thrust into the man repeatedly until Jethro was shaking with need, begging and muttering incoherently.  Removing his tongue from the other man, he licked the sensitive area underneath the ball sac before taking one of the proffered balls into his mouth and sucked.  He lubed his fingers and again plunged into Jethro’s needy hole.

In one swift move, he swallowed Jethro’s cock whole.  Jethro gasped as his senses went into overdrive and began fucking Tony’s fingers.  The younger man curved them slightly grazing the prostate as he sank his fangs into the base of Jethro’s cock.

Jethro screamed out.  ”Fuck yes, more, Tony more.” as his release filled Tony’s mouth.

Tony swallowed continuing to suck the older man’s cock as he rode out his orgasm.  Removing his fingers as he finally released his cock, he climbed up his body and kissed the man with a savage need, his tongue taking no prisoners as it claimed Jethro’s mouth.

Sucking on the man’s bottom lip and nipping, he pulled back and in one thrust sheathed his cock in the older man’s ass as his fangs sank into his neck.  Tony pistoned in and out of the other man’s ass with deep need.

Jethro overwhelmed by the amount of desire coursing through his own body begged.

“More Tony…please...harder...”

Tony removed his fangs from one side of the older man’s neck and sank them in the other.

“Yes” Jethro growled as his second release flowed through his body.

Tony wanting to mark Jethro in the one place where he could feel it all lifted his head and blue eyes locked onto green.

“I love you Jet, you’re mine forever.”  Sinking his fangs into Jethro’s heart and letting the orgasm flow through his body into the man underneath him.

This was a joining of heart, body, and soul and everything that Tony felt was felt by Jethro and all that Jethro had held in was felt by Tony.  The deep seated love, desire, passion, and need flowed like molten lava between them, burning the fingerprints of lovers before into ash, leaving only the mark of each other.

As they both worked their way out of the haze, they snuggled down together.

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