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Rating- MA
Pairing- Gibbs/DiNozzo
Disclaimer-Don't own them...make no money..yada...yada..yada.

Summary- Tony has been in Italy for two weeks attending his Great Uncle's funeral,tending to his estate and for two weeks Gibbs gut has been churning. Tony has stayed in touch with Abby everyday except for he alright? What happened? But he does say that he will be returning in time to attend Abby's Halloween party and is excited to hear that she managed to get Gibbs to attend. So what's going on?

Huge and I do mean HUGE thanks to Rose Malmaison for the amazing artwork!! It is so cool!


“Tell me the story Tony.”

“This is all from my father’s side of the family.  I barely remember my great Uncle Ambrogio.  I do know the last time I saw him was just before my father disowned me.  Now I have a clear idea why.”

Pulling Jethro tighter against him as he continued, “For lack of a  better words ‘Chosen Ones’ are born into our family, the ones that rule the darkness and keep order amongst the clans.  Uncle Ambrogio has been waiting for the next Chosen One so that he could ‘retire’.”

“He’s not dead Jethro, merely removed from power.  Only a Chosen One can rule and he has been doing it for three hundred and fifty-one years.  The next one in power must reach forty years in age and start to come into their powers.

“Apparently the hinky eye glowing thing is part of it.  The bulk of the powers come from the transference from the current Chosen One.”

Jethro nodded.  “Makes sense.  You’re powers come to you when you are ready to handle them, even if it’s a surprise.  How are you chosen?”

“That’s a bunch of stuff I don’t fully understand.  But it’s not from birth, the long and short of it is that the power searches for a person that won’t be corrupted by it; that has an innate sense of fairness and clear definition of right and wrong.”

“We’re vampires, true, but not like the folklore or the movies.  Kinda disappointing on a couple of levels Jet.  I mean I would have liked a couple of things to be right.”

“Go figure Tony.  The movies got it wrong.”


“OK.  Face it, you’re a vampire that can see himself, eat garlic, doesn’t need buckets of blood, but still has massive powers.  Get over it.”  Giving Tony a head slap before continuing.  “You were born into it, but how many others are there?  Given that you’ve changed me, is that how some are made?”

Tony nodded.  “You just can’t go around changing people into vampires.”  Smirking at Jethro, “You think you have rules?  You are allowed to change a mate, if they aren’t a vamp already.  But you need to be certain.  This is a mate for eternity; no do-over’s.”

“So where does your Uncle go now?”

Tony shrugged.  “Anywhere he wants.  He is free to just be and roam.”

“Do you have to live at the estate Abs told me about?”

Tony flashed that DiNozzo smile.  “No.  We don’t have to live there, go there-yes, visit there-yes, but not live there until we’re ready.  We will be side by side always Jet.  Not going anywhere without you.”

Running his fingers through the soft hair on Tony’s chest, he pondered.  “I could hear your thoughts when we were joined.”

Tony nodded.  “We already had a strong connection before all of this and once we joined you became a part of me.  You’ll always hear my thoughts they will just be stronger when we’re joined.”

Jethro smirked.  “Good!  I kinda liked that.”  Then sighing as he continued, “So let me guess, your dad was pissed when your Uncle came to visit and told them about you?”

“Pretty much.  It wasn’t even like it was positive, but all the signs led up to it.  Natural agility, green eyes, charming and easy going.  Sr. was in a lot of trouble for sending me away and some other stuff.  One of the reasons he seems to never really succeed, Uncle Ambrogio always thwarts it.”

“When I was in Italy and Sr. found out he was pissed.  He wants the power for all the wrong reasons and still doesn’t grasp the fact that you don’t ‘get’ the power, it chooses.  Now that I am bonded with the full wealth of powers, he has less control over me than he ever did.  He has been given limitations on his accessibility to me, the council doesn’t trust him.”

“You all right with that?”

Tony shrugged.  “I have to agree with them.  He’s never really been a father or given the slightest inclination that I was important.  Tossed me out when I was twelve when he realized I was going to be what he coveted.  You won’t ever see them, but you and I have guards.”

“How did they know about me?”

“During the transference all my desires come to light.  I only had one really strong one and that was you.  They knew that I was going to see it was a possibility and prepared accordingly.  They won’t interfere with work and no one will see them, but we are protected.  “

“Is it just your father or are their other reasons that require the added protection?”

“Mostly just for my dad.”  Tony sighed.  “The average smart vamps won’t mess with me, it doesn’t get them the power, and it serves no purpose.  Clans have been living for the most part without significant trouble for centuries.  But as with any leader, there is risk of the few who believe they are better and unfortunately my dad falls into that category.”

“Can I drink coffee?”

Tony laughed.  “Yes.  We can eat food and drink, we don’t need it, and it is processed a bit differently, but yes.”

“What about the team?”

“Gonna need to tell Ducky and Abby and the council will have to be there when we do.  It’s a huge deal and yes, we are a big secret.  But in almost every clan or family, there are people in the know.  Ducky needs to from the medical aspect, we aren’t gonna need the same kind of doctor’s care; and Abby, because she will be able to hide things if it ever comes up.  And really Jet, do you seriously think we could keep this from her?”

Chuckling, “No.  She would get her hinky radar flashing and knowing Abs, figure it out.  Ducky needs to get us blood?”

“Only if there is an emergency.  We have blood banks for that and they are vamp owned.  We always give to hospitals and rescue efforts, we share, but primarily they are there for us.”

“Sounds like its run like the Marines, with Military precision.”

“Pretty close to it, why we are still around and fully integrated into society.  You can’t tell a difference.”

“I can.”

Tony looked at the man in his arms.  “Really?”

“Oh yea.”  With a feral smile, he slid a hand down to Tony’s cock and began to stroke it as a hiss escaped Tony’s mouth.  “Never tired, never sleep and that leaves plenty of time for sex.”

Groaning Tony managed to speak.  “True.”

Jethro took his other hand, began to roam over the younger man’s chest, his nails raking over the pebbled nubs, and smiled as another hiss escaped Tony’s lips as he arched into his touch.  Pulling Tony firmly against his body, he continued to stroke the other man’s throbbing cock and play with his chest.  Tony tried to thrust into Jethro’s hand, his body aching for his touch.  Ignoring the younger man’s silent plea, Jethro continued stroking and teasing the younger man.

Tony moaned at the injustice and felt Jethro begin to slide down his body.

Tony begged.  “Please Jet.  I need more.”

Tony felt his cock suddenly engulfed in hot, wet heat and could barely prevent himself from cumming right then.

Placing his hands on Jethro’s head, he wanted to convey his need.  As he looked down and watched his cock disappear in the older man’s mouth, he felt Jethro’s tongue running along his glands.  The sight was too erotic for Tony to watch, knowing if he continued it would be all over before it had really begun.  It might be torture, but it was exquisite torture and Tony loved it.

Tony wasn’t going to be able to hold out long, it just felt too damn good.  Jethro picked up the pace and began sucking harder, his cheeks hollowing out on every pass.  He moved a hand down between the younger man’s legs and began to tease the puckered hole.

Jethro ran his fingers around the muscles at the entrance causing Tony to moan at the dual sensations.  Tony began to thrust his hips and fuck the mouth wrapped around his dick mouth, as one finger teased his ass.  Tony was thrusting into both, wanting to feel it all.

The younger man felt the tingle in the spine and his balls tighten as his body begged for release.  Suddenly Jethro’s fingers entered his ass and he thrust back crying out as he shot streams of cum down the older man’s throat.

Jethro released his flaccid dick from his mouth and stalked up the younger man’s body claiming his mouth.  Tasting himself on the older man’s tongue, Tony moaned at the eroticism.

“Jesus Jethro.”  Tony panted.

Smiling at the younger man, “I wanted to taste you.”


“Oh I intend on that, after all we have all the time in the world.”

“That we do Mi Amor.”

Tony looked over at Jethro.  “We need to call the Council and meet with Ducky and Abby.”

“How long will it take for them to get here?”

“They are here in a hotel across town waiting.  They knew we couldn’t put off telling Ducky at the very least, only because of medical reasons.”

“What about Ziva and McGee?”

“I think we need to give Abby and Ducky time to adjust and have things in place before we bring those two in.  Maybe give us time to feel them out, start with our relationship.  Are you going to be ok with this Jethro?”  Tony turned to run his fingers through the soft silver strands.  “I won’t hide us and our relationship.  We may have to hide bits of ourselves from everyone, but not us.”

Jethro nodded.  “I know, and I agree.  It’s not going to be easy for me Tony.  I have always been private.  The whole sharing and opening up will be a struggle so be patient with me.  I want to tell the team though.  I never want you to think because of my silence that I am ashamed of you or us.”

Tony lips gravitated towards Jethro’s as if drawn by a magnet.  Starting gently with a whisper touch he joined their lips together ghosting over them, his breath warming them before moving on, making him wonder if it had all been an illusion.

Wanting more, he pulled the older man to him as his lips left the same whisper trail down Jethro’s neck and over his chest until he reached a pebbled nub.  Running his tongue around the nub, he blew on it, causing Jethro to hiss at the sensation.

Letting his lips travel down the man’s chest he watched as goose bumps appeared with each caress.  Reaching the soft hairs above the other man’s cock, he extended his fangs and gently grazed the shaft as he followed it to the leaking head flicking his tongue out and collecting the juice that was flowing and pressed into the slit eliciting a groan from Jethro.

Rubbing the head of the older man’s cock between his fangs, he wrapped his lips around it and sucked before allowing his mouth to slowly slide down the shaft inch by torturous inch, until once again his nose was buried in the soft silver curls.

Tony intent upon torturing his mate began slowly travelling up his shaft, hollowing his cheeks to provide greater suction and ensuring that the throbbing cock was held tightly between his fangs.  Reaching the head, he swirled his tongue around it, tracing the ridge and then once again pressed into the slit.

Jethro was panting, struggling to breathe as the sensations that Tony caused flowed through his body.  Every touch of his tongue coupled with the feeling of being between the younger man’s fangs was pure torture.  He didn’t know whether to beg for more and plead for the feeling to never stop or beg for mercy, not being able to take any more.

His body was flooded with need and desire unlike any he had ever experienced.  The feelings of love that flowed between the two men burned hotter than any fire and were all encompassing.  Jethro struggled to hang on as Tony’s long fingers stroked the area beneath his balls leading to his ass.

Unable to hold out any longer, Jethro felt his release drawing near and began begging as Tony swallowed him whole, his fangs piercing the base of Jethro’s cock as the older man shot his release down his throat.

Jethro continued to tremble as the orgasm flowed through every inch of his body.  Tony slowly removed his mouth from the now flaccid cock.  The younger man climbed up the older man’s body and wrapped his arms around him pulling him close.

“What was that?”  Jethro panted.

“That was completion in its truest form.  Body, heart, and soul.  We have given each other everything and with that and our ‘change’, it only intensifies.  We are truly one Jethro now and forever.”  Kissing the older man’s neck and smiling, “My Uncle warned me of the intensity when he read my desire for you.  I just couldn’t understand it until I felt it.”

“You felt the same thing?  How come I didn’t see it?  Hell Tony, I nearly fell apart just now and I didn’t see that in you.”

“Hard to explain Jet.  Mine was more internal; yes, I felt it just as intensely, it was just different.  Remember the first time we made love and were joined and you heard my thoughts and felt the intensity of emotions?”

Jethro nodded.  “It was very intense and different…I don’t know quite how to describe it…”

“Those were my feelings, desires, and emotions being sent to you through our joining, it was my entirety.  I fell apart, just in a different way.”

“Question.  At Abby’s party you said they didn’t see us, and they didn’t and that they thought we said goodbye, how?”

Tony chuckled.  “I can’t use my eyes to hypnotize people like in the movies, but I can implant a thought and illusion.  I sent them the illusion that we were a wall, so they stood near us, but didn’t see.  And I sent thoughts to everyone that we would have said goodbye so they thought that we did.”

“Ok.  Also another reason the power chooses, isn’t it?”

“Oh yea.  Imagine that in someone who only wanted to serve themselves.  I will use it to protect us or someone else, but not gonna go into a bank and send everyone the idea that they need to hand over their money.”  Kissing the older man’s shoulder before asking, “I have a question for you, how come you weren’t freaked out about everything?  Not just the whole Vampire thing?”

“It did kinda freak me out.  But I just figure that I have always trusted you implicitly, since Baltimore.  Over the years, our relationship grew and solidified.  The fangs and whole power thing was quite a shock and had it been anyone but you I may have reacted before thinking.  But it was you.  That made all the difference. I love you.”

Jethro turned to face Tony.  “When you said the words -“Tell me you don’t want this, us and I’ll stop, make you forget and move on.”  - That was it.  Regardless of what weirdness I was feeling or even my own insecurities about relationships I was not going to let you go.  And later when the fangs did come out and you showed yourself it simply didn’t matter.”

Tony smile lit up the room.  “I love you.  But now I’m going to call Abby and Ducky and see if they can come over for dinner, if so, then I’ll call the council.”  Tony placed a kiss gently on Jethro’s lips as he sat up to grab the phone and dialed Abby first.


“Yes I had a good ti-“

“Indy was a perfe-“

“You made a delightful Ca-“

“Ducky looked exactly like Illy-“

“Yes.  I have more pict-“

“Lots of stories to tell –“

“Deep breath Abs.”

“Are you free tonight?”

“If Ducky is free I would like to two of you to come to dinner.”

“Not Tim and Ziva, there are some things that I need to talk to you and Ducky about.  And no worrying, I promise it’s nothing bad.  A few things that happened in Italy.”

“Pinky swear Abs.”

“If all is good with Ducky, I’ll call you right back.”

“Yes.  Gibbs will be here.”

“It’s ok; I am used to your excitement!  No worries!”

“Call you right back.”

“Love you too Abs.”  Hanging up the phone, he smiled and shook his head.

“See you were finally able to get a word in.”  Jethro chuckled.

“Finally!”  Dialing ducky’s number and giving Jethro another kiss.


“I am quite well, thank you.  And you?”

“I had a lovely trip despite the circumstances.”

“Gibbs missed me?”

“I do have pictures and stories, maybe a couple which could rival your own.”  Tony laughed.

“I was wondering if you were free for dinner this evening.”

“I have asked Abby and Gibbs to be here.  There are a few things that transpired in Italy that I really need to discuss with all of you.”

“No, Ducky, I am not moving to Italy.”

“Health is good as well, better than ever actually.  It’s nothing ominous, just some things that I will need your help with in the future.”

“Not Ziva and McGee at this time.”

“Good.  I look forward to seeing you tonight.  7 o’clock.”

“Bye, Ducky.”

“Ok, we are good to go for tonight.  Let me give Abs and the Council a heads up and we can figure out what to do about dinner.”


“Yep, tonight 7 o’clock.  Sound good?  See you then.”

“Your hinky feeling is happy?”

“See, nothing to worry about.  I pinky swore Abs.  Everything is fine.”


“One more call.  And Abs has a happy hinky feeling.”  Jethro smirked at Tony’s expression.


“Yes, Jethro is quite well and taking it all in stride.”

“I know!  I owe Uncle Ambrogio a hundred bucks.  How was I supposed to know?”

“Never again.”

“Ducky and Abby will be attending as well.”

“I expect both to have questions out of general curiosity as well from the scientific aspect.”

“She will squeal, jump up and down, and talk about how hinky it all is.”

“True, a lot like Gabby.”

“I invited them for dinner and asked them be here at 7, though I imagine Abs will be here closer to 6:30.”

“Yep.  See you later tonight then.”

“All done.  Now we wait, and I worry.”

“What part are you worried about; fangs or me?”

“Fangs.  Abby will undoubtedly be excited at the fact we are together and will probably ask if she can watch.”  Tony laughed at the shocked look on Jethro’s face.  “What?”

“Nothing, just letting that part sink in and at the same time realizing that you are probably right.  She’d would.”

“Ducky, he might have a story for us and more than likely say he always suspected as much.”

This time Jethro chuckled.  “Yep.”

“As for the fangs; shock, wonder, scientific questions and hopefully no fear or revulsion.”  Tony sighed.

“Really don’t think revulsion is in either one of their vocabulary.”


Tony had fussed over dinner, trying to make everything perfect while worrying the whole time.  Jethro came up behind him wrapping him in his arms.  “It’s going to be fine.  Stop worrying.”

“Trying to.”  Tony looked down at his watch and smiled.  “Yep.  6:30 and here comes Abby.”  Pulling apart after a quick kiss just before the door opened and a very excited Abby bounded in.

Running right to Tony and giving him a hug, “Tony!  I missed you!  I didn’t really see you at the party or spend any time with you.  “

Tony hugged her back tightly.  “I missed you too Abs.  You get to see me now.”

Pulling back, she looked at him through narrowed green eyes.  “Yea, but you made it sound all suspicious and Ziva and McGee aren’t here.  You don’t want to share whatever it is with them right now and it scares me.  Not that you wouldn’t share, I mean everybody has people they tell stuff to the first time.  But the fact that it’s right after you come home.”  She looked over at a smiling Jethro.

“Bossman!”  And her eyes darted back and forth between the two men trying to put the pieces together.  “You’re here earlier than me, and you look…I don’t know…like all happy and stuff.  Not that you aren’t happy, but this is different and it’s not just because Tony is back.  I mean you left the party with him.”

She started pacing back and forth twirling her pony tails as she continued talking.  “SO…you leave the party together and you’re here early looking happy.  And Tony though he is always happy has something different about him.  And his eyes, well they are still doing that hinky glow and –“ She stopped dead in her tracks and covered her mouth as she squealed.

“Oh my God!  You two had sex!  Seriously hot factor!  Way off the charts!  Was it a friends one off need each other thing or is this more?  And hey- has this been going on for a long time?”  Her eyes narrow at the two men.  “Seriously one of you could have told me. “  Then she smiled with an evil gleam in her eyes.  “Can I watch?”

Tony smiled at Jethro.  “See?  I told you!”

Jethro narrowed his eyes looking at Abby.  “There will be no watching!  Period!  And what the hell is a ‘one off’?  This is serious, it just started, and we are telling you now.”

Abby tilted her head sideways.  “This is all good, but I don’t think Ziva or McGee would have a problem with this.”

Tony chuckled.  “There’s a bit more to tell you Abs.  But Ducky needs to be here for that as well as a few members of my family.”

Abby bouncing on the balls of her feet pleadingly looked at the two men.  “Can I have a hint?”


Abby laughed and hugged both men.  “Seriously though, I am really happy for the both of you!  This is so cool!”

Hearing the footsteps Tony headed to the door to open it before Ducky even had a chance to reach it.  “Ducky!  Come in.”

“My dear boy it is good to see you home.  I trust everything was as it should be in Italy and you experienced no trouble?

Taking Ducky’s coat, he answered, “It was good.  The family was quite nice and welcoming.”

Ducky patted Tony on the cheek.  “Well that is no surprise Anthony; after all you are quite the charmer.”

Tony chuckled and shook his head.  “Everybody sit down.  Can I get you anything to drink?”  Winking at Abby, “For you oh Mistress of the Dark, I have Caf-Pow.”

“If it’s not too much trouble a cup of tea would be lovely.  The weather is quite brisk tonight and I daresay brought a chill to my bones.”

“Water is already on.”  Tony stepped into the kitchen to grab the proffered drinks.

“So Jethro, do you have a clue as to the meaning of this?  Not that it isn’t lovely to be a guest in Anthony’s home and I daresay it has been far too long since I have had one of his fabulously cooked dinners; but I do find the timing a bit troubling him having just returned from a funeral where he was an important part.”

“No need to be concerned Duck.  Tony’s not leaving.  It’s something that we need to share with you and the rest is his story to tell.”

“We.  Well that is quite telling in itself.  I take it that the two of you finally succumbed to the bond that you have shared since Baltimore?”

Tony walked into the living room at that moment and grinned as he looked at Jethro.  “Have we succumbed Jet?”

Ducky chuckled as he watches the play between the two men and the huge smile that lit up Jethro’s face. 

“That we did Tone. “  Walking up to the younger man and placing a gentle kiss on his lips, he smiled at the shocked look on Tony’s face at the unexpected gesture in front of their guests, “Not going to hide it.  There is a time and place for PDA and in our home is one of them.”

Tony’s smile lit up the room as he passed the drinks around.  Hearing a knock on the door, Tony’s demeanor changed to nervous and Ducky and Abby watched puzzled as Jethro patted his back before the younger man went to open the door.

Tony greeted and hugged each of the four new guests as they entered his home.  Jethro walked towards them unsure of what he should do and waited for an introduction.

“Come into the living room and we’ll make all sorts of introductions.”  Tony looked at Jethro and smiled.  “See…they all know you Jet, you just have to get to know them.”  He took the older man’s hand and led the group to the living room.  “Sit down every one.”

Tony turned to Abby and Ducky.  “This motley crew is from Italy.  They are here to help me explain some things to you.  I don’t mean to be so secretive as I introduce you or so dramatic, but it is imperative that you hear the whole story before you ask questions.”  He smiled at his two confused friends.  “I know you’ll have questions and”, gesturing at the four new arrivals, “they know you’ll have them.  They will be answered, I promise.”  Turning to his family from Italy, “These are my cousins of a sort from Italy.  The lovely lady is Juliette Sardano, the tall dark and handsome one with the goatee is Dimitri Fontana, and the huge brute with a killer smile, though he only uses the power for good, is Santiago Vienchetta.  Last but not least is Marchelo Lewis.”

Continuing, “The lovely Mistress of the Dark is our forensic scientist Abby Scuito, the very distinguished Scotsman is our Medical Examiner Dr. Donald Mallard and last but in no ways least is my mate, Jethro”.

“Anybody need anything before I share the news?  Dinner will be ready in an hour so we are good to go.”  Walking over to Jethro, he looked over at Abby and Ducky.  “There is a reason that I invited you over to dinner, a reason it was only the two of you and a reason why my cousins are here, and though we had planned on telling you about Jethro and I, that is not the reason.”

“Abby, my hinky glowing eyes are not random there is a source behind that.  I am not the same Anthony DiNozzo that left for Italy two weeks ago.  Essentially I am but there is just a bit more to me now.”  He looked at Jethro.  “Would it be easier to show them or tell them?”

“Show them.  It stops the disbelief.”  Tony glanced at the four Italians who were nodding in agreement.  Standing tall, he looked back at a very nervous and worried Abby and Ducky.

“I promise you everything is ok.”  Rolling his neck he then looked at them intently as he slowly extended his fangs.

“I’m a vampire.”

Date: 2012-11-06 06:05 pm (UTC)
ext_3277: I made this (Gibbs 1)
From: [identity profile]
Ah ha! So now I know how Tony became a vampire. Loved how accepting Gibbs was and how hot they were together.

But what will Abby and Ducky make of the news?


Date: 2012-11-06 10:59 pm (UTC)
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I don't believe those two can be anything other than hot together!! Thank you so much for letting me know what you think so far!!



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