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Rating- MA
Pairing- Gibbs/DiNozzo
Disclaimer-Don't own them...make no money..yada...yada..yada.

Summary- Tony has been in Italy for two weeks attending his Great Uncle's funeral,tending to his estate and for two weeks Gibbs gut has been churning. Tony has stayed in touch with Abby everyday except for he alright? What happened? But he does say that he will be returning in time to attend Abby's Halloween party and is excited to hear that she managed to get Gibbs to attend. So what's going on?

Huge and I do mean HUGE thanks to Rose Malmaison for the amazing artwork!! It is so cool!


The room filled with tension as six pairs of eyes were trained on Abby and Ducky awaiting their reaction.  Abby’s brain furiously worked to put pieces together and make sense of it all.  Ducky as a doctor was trying to understand how, why and if it was at all possible.  The two of them were brought out of their reveries when they clearly saw the worried, terrified, and unsure look that flooded their friend’s eyes.

Abby reacted first and bounded into his arms hugging him tightly.  “Oh my God, Tony!  I mean seriously!  This is so cool!  I have so many questions; I don’t know where to start.”  She refused to let go of him until she felt the tension start to release from his body.  “You know I love you and this doesn’t change that.  There isn’t anything you could do that would change that.”  She pulled back to meet his eyes making sure that he clearly received her message.

Ducky looked at the young man and smiled.  “My dear Anthony, I dare say that only you could go to Italy and instead of bringing back trinkets manage to come back far different then when you left.”  Standing he walked over and hugged him.  “I dare say there is a marvelous story behind this and I do hope that you share it with us.  But I am certain that the reason for your cousins to attend this meeting has a far deeper meaning.”

The atmosphere of the room quickly changed as soon as their acceptance was clear allowing Jethro to exhale a breath that he wasn’t even aware he was holding.

Tony looked at everyone.  “I don’t even know where to begin.  There is so much to tell and share.  But your acceptance means more to me than you could possibly know.”

Juliette spoke up.  “Dr. Mallard-“

“Ducky, please.  If you are an accepted part of Anthony’s family, then you’re a part of mine and my friends and family call me Ducky.”  The wording that Ducky used was not lost on anyone in the room.  Juliette smiled as she continued.

“Ducky, as you can imagine there needs to be a nearby network in place that Tonio is able to trust.  He has us and there will be a contingent remaining with him at all times but it does not hold the same value as trusted friends.  The two of you also have unique talents that give us great comfort in regards to his care.”

“Ducky, you as a physician will be able to treat any wounds that the two of them receive in the field-“

“Two of them?  Bossman?”  Abby looked over at the two men.

Juliette grinned.  “Didn’t tell them everything I see Tonio.”

A light coloring came over him as he looked at Jethro.  “Seems we forgot to mention that part.”

“Didn’t have much time, guess they know now.”  He sheepishly looked over at Ducky at Abby.  The two were looking at them with amused smirks in their faces.

Dimitri looked at around the room before speaking.  “I believe that Tonio should share how he came to be with the others.  There are so many factors that they will need to understand.  Among them, the power he holds and knowing there will be questions regardless, the beginning seems to be the best place to start.”

Santiago nodded.  “As unusual as it is to agree with anything that spouts out of Dimitri’s mouth, I have to agree.  They need to whole picture to grasp the importance of their place in the hierarchy of those he trusts and not just the responsibilities.  And I am sure that even Jethro would enjoy the full story.”  He smirked at Tony.  “I doubt, Tonio, knowing you as I do, you have allowed much time for talking.”

Jethro glared at Santiago as Abby snickered.

Grinning broadly, Tony chuckled.  “True Sans.  Ok…where do I start?”


A car was waiting to pick up Tony from the Padova Airport and take him to Uncle Ambrogio’s home in Abano Terme.  Tony was still trying to figure out how he was named in the will for a man he remembered meeting twice.

His eyes went wide as they pulled up to the estate.

“Holy shit!”  He mumbled under his breath.  The place was huge!  The driver noticed his expression and chuckled.

“This is the Villa Palladiana Rigoni Savioli; it was commissioned by Nicholas Malipiero in 1557.  It is something else; I believe there are over a hundred rooms and a ballroom among many other things.  I hope you enjoy your stay.”

“Thank you.”  Grabbing his bag, he headed to the door only to be met by Juliette.

“Tonio!  What’s it been 12 years?”  She ran to hug him.

Smiling as he twirled her in his arms, he laughed.  Something like that.  “How are you?”

Not meeting his eyes.  “Fine. Really.”

“Then why can’t you look at me?”

Looking up to meet his eyes, “I’m fine, honestly.”

Tony felt that she was holding something back, but since she didn’t appear to be too worse for wear, he let it slide.

“So Tonio, anything new with you?”

“I’m at NCIS now Jules, been there for ten years.”

“Wow!  There was a time I didn’t think you would ever stay in one place for long.  What has your attention so fully there?”

Tony shrugged.  “I love the people I work with and the job.”

Sensing there was something more to his story she pushed.  “Is there someone special?”

A pair of blue eyes and silver hair flashed in front of him.  “No.”

She no more believed him then he believed her but let it slide for now, she already knew he was in for some huge shocks come tomorrow.

Taking his arm, she led him inside.  “Come on!  Sans and Dimitri are here as well and they have been dying for you to arrive.”

“Can I ask you something Jules?”

“Anything, Tonio.”

“Why am I the executor of Uncle Ambrogio’s will?  Why is no one contesting?  Why am I even mentioned in it, let alone the sole beneficiary?”

Juliette chuckled.  “That is more than one question.”  She looked up to meet his eyes.  “Can you just trust me Tonio, and know that soon it will all be explained?  There is nothing to fear, but there is a lot at stake and I am not the one to tell you.  But I will be there for you and help you as will Sans, Dimitri and Marcel.  OK?”

Looking into her eyes for any sign of deception, Tony slowly nodded.  “I will try.  You know how I am Jules.  Curious, inquisitive and I need to know everything.”

“Some call that nosey, Tonio.”

He snorted.  “They would be wrong.”

“You won’t have to wait long for answers of that I can assure you, they all know you too well.”

“Fine.”  They entered the house and Tony was stunned at the beautiful frescos on the wall and the vastness of the space.  “This is amazing.”

Juliette smiled.  “That it is.  Come on, let’s drop your bag off and I will show you around.”  Leading him upstairs to one of the suites, “This is where you will stay for now.”

“For now?  It’s a great room.”  He looked around.  “Why would I need to change it?”

“Answers later.”  She pulled his hand to follow her as he dropped his bag.

“Hang on, let me hang up my suits-“

“No need.  Daniella was informed that you had arrived and she will see that your suits and belongings are taken care of.”  Narrowing her eyes at him, “Don’t panic, this is Italy, she is well versed in the care of designer wear.”

Holding his freehand up in surrender, he agreed.  “Ok…ok…I get it.  Commence with the tour.”

She took him on a tour of the house and its many rooms and frescos, the ballroom and the immense kitchen, then outside to look at the grounds.  It was truly breathtaking and quite daunting.  He suddenly had a thought.

“Is my father here?”

“No.  He is not allowed to be here at this important time.  He has been informed and is being watched.”

“Doesn’t that seem a little extreme?  It’s a funeral, what could he do?”

“More than you think and nothing at all at the same time.  You must forgive my riddles and again trust me.  I shall tell you that the wheels that have been set in motion cannot and should not be undone, he knows this to be true, but he is still is being difficult.  You know how he is.”

“Tell me about it.  And I take it these things that have been set in motion concern me?”


“OK.  You’re asking a lot of faith and trust here Jules.”

“I know Tonio, but it is how these things transpire and there is little we can do about them.  There will be much to learn over the course of your stay here and some I believe will then help you make sense of things in your life.  But the best is yet to come and it has chosen wisely, of that I am certain.”

Looking over at her with a puzzled expression Tony resigned himself to the fact that all would be revealed when the time was right.  It didn’t make it easier to wait, just easier to accept.

“Tonio!  Jules told me you had arrived.”

Tony turned and smiled broadly at the hulking man running towards him.  “Sans!  See you haven’t stopped growing yet”, hugging the large man before him.

“And I see that you haven’t lost your smart ass mouth have you?”

“Nope!”  Tony grinned unrepentantly.

Not too far behind the large man was another with startling blue eyes.  Tony was lost for a moment in the blue wishing they belonged to someone else.

“Dimitri!  Good to see you!”  Pulling him in for a hug, “It’s been too long.  Shouldn’t have let so much time pass.  I’m sorry.  You three and Marcelo are the only true blood family I have, or rather that I claim.  I have friends in DC that are far more family then friends…but you four helped me survive.”

Dimitri shrugged.  “Not all your fault Tonio.  Time has a way of slipping past faster than we realize and sometimes life gets in the way.  Trust me when I say we won’t be letting that happen again.”

Again, Tony felt that there was so much hidden meaning behind all their words; that they were privy to the secret that he was unable to know yet.  But he trusted these four people, and he didn’t trust just anyone.  That trust was what he was relying on heavily as he felt something in the air.

“Where is Marcel anyway?”  Tony inquired.

“He had some last minute details to take care of and he will see you tomorrow.  He’s looking forward to it.  And told me to tell you to behave and be patient.”  Santiago looked at Tony with a raised eyebrow.

“OK...  I get it I do and I am trying my best not to ask questions and to be exactly that…patient.  But you all know that my curiosity as a child didn’t go away.  That is what makes me a damn good investigator.  So just know that I am trying.”

Dimitri laughed.  “Oh Tonio, you are indeed the best of all of us.”

The four of them continued to laugh and reminisce until dinner and then continued afterwards.  As nice as it all was and thoroughly enjoyable, Tony couldn’t help thinking that it was also to keep him distracted from whatever it was he couldn’t know yet.

Lying in bed in his room much later that night a feeling began to settle over him.  It was hard to describe, but if he had to it was like another piece to an internal puzzle was finding its way home inside of him; a piece that had been searching for the right fit and finally found it.  He closed his eyes as the feeling covered him like a blanket and surrendered to it fully.

Tony started awake, looked around at his surroundings, got his bearings and remembered where he was.  He nearly jumped out of his skin as his Uncle Ambrogio, his DEAD Uncle Ambrogio sat on the edge of his bed.

“Ah Tonio.  You’re awake.”  He patted the younger man’s knee as he smiled at the look of terror, confusion, and total disbelief on the younger man’s face.  “Yes, it’s me, quite in the flesh.”

“How…lawyers told me…you’re dead.  But here you are, or maybe I am crazy.”

“Well you may be a little crazy Tonio, but I am not dead really.  For all intents and purposes, it will seem that way, but I shall be very much alive as I have been for these many years.  There is much to talk to you about Tonio, so what do I need to do to convince you I am indeed real and in front of you?”

Tony reached out a hand to touch his uncle and instead as he imagined there being nothing he was met with a firm live and breathing man.

“I’m getting there Uncle Ambrogio, I can see you, I can touch you and since I just pinched myself and that hurt like a bitch I know that I am awake.  But understand it…well I’m not there yet!”  Tony struggled to sit up in bed and get a grip on this reality.

He watched his Uncle intently, trying to read the man and get a grasp on why all this was happening.  Obviously, it wasn’t a joke by the serious expression on the older man’s face and somewhere inside him something slid over to acceptance, knowing that this was part of the secret and that he himself was a very large part of it all.

“OK.  You are alive and there is a reason for my being brought here which you are going to share.”

“Very good Tonio, yes there is a very good reason why.  It is time you knew what your heritage involves and what you are about to become.  But you need to understand that overall it does not change your daily life.  You will return to DC still as an Agent and to your friends, but with added responsibilities.”

“You come from a long proud line of people Tonio.  People that have always tried to do what is right and just, and as with any society there are those that go outside of what is right and break the laws in place.  For centuries, the power has been handed down to the next successor as it felt the time had come and of course, the chosen one was ready.  You are the chosen one Tonio.”

“Why me?  I am nothing special.”

“That is where you and I shall have a difference of opinion.  You are very special and I shall never forgive your father for ever instilling anything other than that into your head.  But you made something of yourself despite all the obstacles that were in front of you, you never chose the easy way and always took the high road.  You never turned a blind eye to a wrong doing and many times over risked your life to save another.  Those are all very worthy attributes that you have.  And never was any great feat that you performed for accolades.”

“You didn’t go into that burning building and save the child you did because you wanted an award.  You did it because it was right.  You jumped in a dirty and cold body of water to save your boss and a young girl because you couldn’t let them die.”

“You are the chosen one for a reason.  You will always do what is right and never falter, you surround yourself with friends that have the same values as you, and you will always believe in justice.  Even as a child you strove to do what was right and protect those in need.”

“The time has come for me to step down and take my leave.  I really don’t mind and I look forward to watching you take the helm.  My death is more symbolic than anything else, it is needed for the transference of so many things; money, powers, and knowledge.”

“Don’t panic Tonio.”  The older man rushes to reassure Tony as he sees the worry appear.  “I will not be penniless or homeless, all things are taken care of.  I shall want for nothing.  There is a council that sees to all of that and they span the ages.  There are four members that were chosen for you when it came to be known that you were indeed the Chosen One.  Picked because of your relationship, trust and closeness that you shared so that you may talk freely, debate, question or argue a point with them and anything that you may need to do.”

Tony nodded.  “My council is Sans, Jules, Marcel and Dimitri.”

“Yes.  They will stand by you and protect you as well.  They will help you rule as you must and make sure that you always have all the facts as you need them.”

Tony took a deep breath.  “So what society am I to rule over?”  He asked with great hesitation.

Patting once again the younger man’s knee in assurance, “Trust me Tonio, you are ready for this.  I must prepare you though, once I show you everything about me, your own body will significantly change.  It is one way over the centuries that has proven to be beneficial, kind of like one of those secret missions, it’s all need to know.  And you will bring your closest friends into the fold with you when the time is right.  Yes, this is a secret, but one we do not expect you to hold alone.”

“Every successor has brought in others and it has worked beautifully so far.  The society is actually quite large and has remained secret for centuries so the system works.  Are you ready?”

“Truthfully?  Not sure.  But it seems like when you want to swim and the water is cold, you jump in feet first and after that, it is all ok.  One question?”

His Uncle tipped his head showing acceptance.

Tony lowered his eyes.  “My dad knows about this doesn’t he?”

Hearing his uncle sigh Tony looked up.  “Yes.  He was always rebelling and believed that he was entitled to more than his fair share.  He is a selfish man who only thinks of himself and his own needs.  He believes that he should have been chosen, but he has none of the traits that the power desires.  He will ultimately try and cause you more problems than he does already.  Tonio, he was wrong all those years ago to cast you aside.”

“He knew or sensed that you were going to be the Chosen One, because  you were different and took to everyone.  We have never forgiven him for such a calloused act, nor shall we.  No child should have to endure what you did.  But you are no longer alone and we shall join forces with your family in DC to take care that you are safe.  Though honestly there is truly nothing he can do.  It is a pity he still cannot see that.”


‘Ok.  Tonio, I need you to look at me and never take your eyes away from me.  Understand?”

Tony lifted his eyes to his uncle.  “Yes.”

He watched in utter fascination as his uncle smiled at him and his canines extended.  All the while failing to notice that his own were mimicking his uncle’s and he felt a rush of something flow through him.

His gaze never waivered as he gasped, “What was that?”

Winking at the younger man before answering, “That was the beginning of transference.”

Tony suddenly realized not only that he wasn’t freaking out but that his uncle was a vampire.  Then his eyes got wide as he put the last piece of the puzzle in place.  He was a vampire.

His uncle chuckled at the expressive green eyes as they went through the whole scenario and came to the last realization.

 “Yes Tonio, you’re a vampire, but not just any vampire, the king and ruler over our society, the Chosen One in fact.”


Laughing his uncle impulsively hugged the younger man.  “It will be fine.  You’re not alone and during your stay here you will learn and even in DC, you will continue to learn to control the powers.  You will be fine and of that, I have no doubt.  And you must tell me all about this blue eyed Jethro, he is a large part of your life and your one desire.”

As Tony looked at him in shock and then realized that his uncle was right and let it go.  “So will that work out as well?”

“You will only know if you ask.  And not do so is a disservice to you and him as well.  He may be harboring the same feelings and you have never given any indication that he stood a chance.”

“He could say no.”

“True, but knowing and being able to move forward is better than hanging in limbo.  You have come into many powers and one is the ability to plant an idea.”

Tony shook his head vehemently.  “I won’t trick him.”

“You misunderstand.  I know that you would never, but you can broach the subject with the man and if he does indeed say no then you can change the conversation you had with him to something different than the actual one that was intended and continue to work side by side.”

“So he wouldn’t remember?”


Tony nodded not sure if he could do that, but it was a thought.

They remainder of his stay was divided into time with his uncle where he learned about his powers and then how to control them.  Sans, Jules, Marcelo, and Dimitri learned about the council, his duties, properties and assets and just massive amounts of general information.

He found out when it had been confirmed that he was the Chosen One, the four were asked if they wanted to serve as his council and if they chose to do so they would be turned into vampires themselves. They all acquiesced quite readily not wanting to desert Tonio.

His uncle gave him lessons on his fangs, thought implantation, stealth, mind reading, damage, sun exposure, healing, and eating.  He was relieved that he could still partake in real food and that bagged blood was sufficient.  Learning to control the strength and speed that were now amped up would be a challenge, but he was pretty sure that he could do that.

All in all, there was not a lot that was too horribly different so adjusting was easier than he would have ever imagined.  But he was no fool; work was going to be different.  The added boost to his senses and natural abilities was something he would have to constantly monitor.  It was a small price to pay to continue to do something he loved.

**End Flashback**

Tony ended his story as he looked around the room.

Abby tilted her head and looked at him.  “Makes a great deal more sense when you hear it from the beginning.  Not about you Tony, per se, but the whole society and the Chosen One.  I really would love to learn more about the science behind vampirism if that’s possible.  Sure a lot of it is for my own curiosity, but it could help from the standpoint of keeping them safe.”

Juliette nodded.  “I can see that and I am sure our great King would give you such a dispensation.”, sticking out her tongue at Tony.

“Cool!”  Abby sat back grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“My dear boy this has all been quite a surprise to me, but the history of the race is fascinating.  I know that you expected revulsion and fear and I can certainly understand how you would.  This is new, scary, and fraught with great difficulties.  But I merely see the man I have always thought would do great things in front of me, a man who has always served and protected and I see no reason why that would change.  You were a remarkable man prior to this Anthony and I see you only becoming a remarkable leader.”

“Though I should really like a look at the history if that is at all possible.”  His eyes twinkling as he continued, “Oh Great King”.

The room erupted in laughter.

“Tony, I have a question.  So that’s all it took to get these powers?  Fangs descend together and poof, you’re a vampire king?  I would have thought it would have been far more involved.  Ancient words, unique drink or a blood exchange.  And what if you couldn’t accept it?  Or even didn’t believe?”

Tony chuckled.  “Yes and no.  My body has been preparing for this for years, and though I was unaware, it had been adapting.  Even going so far as looking inside me to see if there was even a remote chance that I would deny it, the power does not randomly give itself up.”

“It knew I would be accepting, even if I was shocked at the initial get go.  Think of it as a living being that searches for its host and wants that host to be comfortable with everything that it has to offer.  So upon finding the perfect conduit it makes itself at home and readies all that needs to be done over the years only waiting for the time when everything lines up and the host is ready.  There isn’t a set time or age, forty is the youngest that you can be, but if I hadn’t been ready, it simply would have waited.  I had a choice in the matter; I was simply unaware of it.  Guess it’s like Jethro’s rule 18.  It is better to seek forgiveness than permission.”

“I don’t pretend to know all the details exactly; I’m still learning and will be for quite a while.  But when I sat with my uncle and his fangs came out, I felt something, awaken, for a better lack of word.  And though I still am quite amazed by it all, it is simply what I was meant to do.  I feel that in my core.”

Abby nodded.  “So it’s actually very complex but on the surface it’s entirely simple.  I get it.  Have you noticed how your senses and abilities have changed, the ones that you will use every day?”

“Everything is heightened.  I am learning to control and tone down things that I hear and smell.  I can definitely see things better.  Just have to remember to watch how fast I move and run.  Jethro will as well.  He won’t have the mind reading or thought implantation or a few other tidbits that I am working on, but all of his senses, his reactions and speed will be enhanced.”

Ducky looked at both men.  “Will he have fangs as well?  What of your dietary needs?  Are there certain blood types that are better or will any suffice?  Does it need to be fresh?”

Jethro looked at Tony.  “I’ll admit I was wondering about the fangs myself.”

Tony smiled at Jethro.  “According to what I know, they will come in any time now.  And Ducky as for blood types it makes no difference and it does not have to be fresh unless the injuries are severe.  Then the fresher the better, but we’re talking major injury and blood loss.  We can still eat regular food and Jethro can mainline his coffee.”

Ducky nodded as he processed the information.  “Not to sound trite, but basically you both have acquired powers that will help you in your jobs.  The cases you will be able to solve are astounding.  Think of it gentlemen, the smells that may lead you to the killer, or a miniscule clue that you are able to see.  This power combined with your previous connection even before you add in the other is like a dream come true.”

“We must find ways to cover up findings that you wouldn’t normally be able to spot.  And though I certainly see your concerns and can understand your hesitation, at some point Timothy, Ziva and Jimmy will have to be allowed in on the secret.  Too much is at stake to risk discovery by any other form.”

Dimitri agreed.  “I believe they need to be told as soon as they are deemed able to handle and accept the truth.  The first step will be to see how they react to the news of Tonio and Jethro being together as a couple.”

Abby looked a bit affronted and Marcel hastened to help her see it was not meant as a slur.  “Do not misunderstand what Dimitri is trying to say.  We do not believe that they will have an issue, but until we see that they are accepting, it will be hard to include them in a far larger and much more important secret.”

“No one can be sure how anyone will react.  Tonio was very worried about how you and Ducky would react and you two are family.  Like anything in life, not everyone is accepting as you would expect.”

Abby looked at Tony.  “You were really worried?”

“Yea, Abs.  This isn’t your normal garden variety secret.  I was not only nervous about telling you both about Jethro and myself, but about being a vampire.  So much myth and fear are connected to just the thought of a vampire.  And to believe in something that is so surreal.”  Taking a deep breath, “and my own personal issues added to that, well that leaves a lot of room for doubt”.

Jethro walked up to Tony.  “Seems you have a hell of a lot of believers and supporters now.”  He then brought his lips to Tony’s ear and whispered.  “But what I really want is you naked on the bed.  And I want that right now.”

Tony fought back the moan that threatened to escape as he looked at everyone trying to figure out what to say.  He was saved from that action as Dimitri witnessed the change in Tonio and decided to help him out.

“Why don’t you both accompany us back to the hotel and look at the few things that we brought with us.  We sensed that you may like some history and facts so we were prepared.”  Smiling at Ducky and Abby while having figured out the reasoning, Jules held back a smirk.

“That would be most excellent.  There is so much I want to learn and need to explore.  The history is fascinating and to be a part of that now is most astounding.”

Abby was already bouncing towards the door before running to Tony and giving him a huge hug.  “I love you Tony and nothing changes that.”  She pulled back to look into his face.  “Can I touch your fangs sometime?”

Before Tony could open his mouth a very firm ‘No!” is loudly stated by Jethro.

Surprised Abby looked over at the silver haired man questioningly.

“Those are mine Abs.”  He couldn’t begin to explain the possessiveness that came over him at the thought of her running her fingers over them.  They were a form of teeth for heaven’s sake.  Regardless of the absurdity, no one was going to touch them but him.

Marcel saw the brief puzzled expression flutter over Jethro’s face and decided to offer an explanation.  “Fangs are as sensitive and erotic as anyone’s genitalia.  You should view them as being a part of that, to touch them is going to garner the same response as heavy petting only on a much deeper level.  They are very intertwined with sexual need and release and unless you are intimate with a vampire, you will usually never have knowledge that they exist.  Though I understand your curiosity Abby.”

Thinking about what Marcel said the wheels in her head we were whirring quickly.  “Cool.  It’s like an extra sexual organ.  Can you cu-“

Tony placed his hand over her mouth while smiling and shaking his head.  “I love you Abs, and I share a great many things with you, but my sex life with Jethro is not one of them.  Maybe one of the other three will answer your questions and maybe not.  OK?”

She nodded quickly her eyes twinkling and as Tony released her mouth, she smirked.  “You said sex life with Jethro”, before laughing and running to the door followed by Ducky.

“You know where we will be Tonio.  Call us if you need anything “, looking at Jethro Sans laughed.  “But I doubt we will hear anything from either of you for a while.”  As the last of the group left the apartment, Tony closed and locked the door chuckling as he turned around and found himself pressed against the door by a very aroused mate.

His lips were captured and nipped at as Jethro’s tongue gained entrance and began caressing his own in a rhythm designed to entice and it was working.  He moaned as Jethro’s hands began exploring of their own accord.

Tony knew what was happening, Sans had explained it to him as Abby was asking questions, ever thankful for the gift of telepathy with his council.  Jethro was coming into his own and his fangs were coming in.  The intense foreplay and need that he felt was heightened by Tony’s own and all they had to do was enjoy it.

What still surprised Tony was Jethro’s willingness and desire to not be a top.  In all of his fantasies, he imagined that he would be dominated and for the most part was ok with that knowing that he would have his turn.  But Jethro relishing in being taken care of and able to give himself up wholly to Tony without any hesitation or reservation was truly amazing.

Jethro’s hand moved to cup Tony’s cock through his jeans.  “I want to taste you again, feel you cum in my mouth as I swallow you whole.  Feel the tremors through your body as you fall over the edge.”

“Then do it.”  Tony hoarsely spoke.

“Bedroom.”  Jethro pushed the younger man down the hall as he tried to gain some sort of control over the need that was coursing through his veins.  Divesting Tony of his clothes, he pushed him down to the bed before quickly removing his own.

The older man stared at the man lying before him, the slightly swollen lips, and the eyes with barely a ring of green laden with desire, the hard planes and muscles that were covered in a light dusting of dark hair that narrowed to the trim waist.  And that slim line of soft hair that led to the part of the man that at this moment he craved the most, his cock; hardened steel rising proudly from the younger man’s body jutting straight up and calling to him.  The head glistening with pre-cum that had pooled there, begging him to taste and then to devour.

He had never been so overwhelmed with pure need before.  Need so deeply seated he knew it would be never ending and was thankful that they had eternity to satisfy it.  As Jethro started to crawl between Tony’s legs, he felt the man speak to him.

“Together at the same time, I want to feel you as you feel me.”

Nodding Jethro changed positions so they were in a sideways 69 and a shiver ran through his body as he felt Tony’s heated breath over his own weeping cock.  He ran his tongue along the underside of the shaft to the head to lap up the pooled juices before sucking the head into his mouth and running his tongue along the slit, wanting to insure that he had every drop.

He gasped as he felt the same actions performed on his own cock and fought the urge to both cry out and bite down.  He ran his tongue around the head of Tony’s cock feeling the defined ridges and pressing into them.  He felt the younger man moan around his own dick and struggled not to thrust as the vibrations sent tremors throughout his body.

Overcome with his need, he swallowed the man’s cock till his nose was buried in the soft curls.  Inhaling deeply, floating from the scent of a spicy musk and what he would only be able to define as pure Tony, he hollowed out his cheeks and sucked hard.

Tony released Jethro’s cock as he gasped for air as the feeling of Jethro’s need flowed through his body adding to his own.  As the older man began bobbing up and down on his cock, he valiantly regained enough control to mirror the actions of his mate once again. 

When Jethro felt the younger man’s lips wrap around his dick, they were again joined as a conduit of electricity, desire, need and love flowed through them both and somehow managed to take them higher than they had been before.

Tony sensed the change in Jethro before he felt the point of his newly acquired fangs brush across his dick and send more pleasure than he through possible through his entire body.  Letting his own fangs descend, he took Jethro’s cock in his mouth between them.  The feeling was indescribable.  Jethro felt the fangs around his cock and finally noting that he had his own, mirrored Tony’s actions.  He understood that the younger man had been ready for this to guide him through what he knew he desperately needed and wanted.

Hearing Tony’s voice as he wrapped his fangs around Tony’s cock and feeling the hardened flesh against them, he was not prepared for the intensity of that feeling as it flowed through him like molten lava.  “Use them Jethro, use them to drink from me as I drink from you.  Together for eternity, we are one.  Please Jethro…I need this as much as you do.”  Everything he felt was heightened at Tony’s words, their love, need and desire burning brighter than the sun and the need for release could no longer be held at bay.

As he reached the base of Tony’s cock he plunged his fangs into the man he loved more than life, the man that was his through eternity and that he could no longer imagine or conceive being without.  As the cum and blood mixed in his mouth, he felt the prick of Tony’s fangs and his own release flowed through him into the younger man. 

It was as if everything they had felt and experienced before was a dress rehearsal for the real thing and that at that moment they were truly one.  They were more than just a part of one another; the connection was so deep that nothing would tear them apart.  They were one heart, body, and soul.  Each heart beat spoke the other’s name, and each breath was for the other.

Releasing Tony and climbing up his body to press closely against him, they needed no words as they held each other tightly knowing that for them, it was merely the beginning of a journey that would last for eternity.

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