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Rating- MA- I am certain I don't need to tell you why!!
Pairing- Gibbs/DiNozzo
Summary - Tony has been in Italy for two weeks attending his Great Uncles funeral and tending to his estate. And for two weeks Gibbs' gut has been churning. Tony has stayed in touch with Abby with the exception of one he alright? What happened? But he does say he will be home in time for her Halloween party and is excited to hear that she convinced Gibbs to attend. So what is going on?


“How do you want to tell McGee and Ziva about us Jethro?”

“Straight up Tony, we need them to know so we don’t have to hide that one part of our lives.  What about Vance?”

“One thing at a time.  If there is any trouble from McGee or Ziva then I will deal with it.  Right now Vance won’t be an issue.  And if I have to, I will use my power on him.  There is no way in hell I will be separated from you.”

Jethro leaned over and kissed Tony.  “That’s not an abuse of power Tone, it really is protecting us.  You don’t think it’s going to go well with one of them do you?”

Tony struggled to find the right words.  “No.  I really don’t.  I don’t see a problem with McGee Jethro, I see one with Ziva.  She plays her part well and has tried many times to use me in her games.”

Narrowed blue eyes encouraged him to continue.

“Half of the time she wanted in my pants and the other half she was cruel and conniving.  I don’t fully see her game yet, but I know this won’t be pretty and I don’t trust her.  I don’t see me ever telling her the complete story.”

Jealousy gripped Jethro as he spoke between his clenched teeth.  “She has made moves on you?  I thought that was all harmless flirting.”

Kissing the older man to assuage the overpowering emotion before he continued, “Yes, she has tried and no I never accepted the advances which only made her try harder.  I never wanted Ziva, Jethro.  Not even from the beginning.  I flirt with nearly everyone, harmless and meaningless flirtation.  Everyone knows that.”

“I have a line that I don’t cross and she kept trying to erase that line.  Seriously, what was I supposed to do?  Come to you and complain?  Tell you she wouldn’t leave me alone?  I could handle her then and I am more than capable of handling her now.  I will do whatever I have to do to protect you and us.”  Jethro couldn’t help but be turned on by the intensity in those green eyes and knowing that Tony meant that with every fiber of his being.

So aroused, he pulled Tony against him kissing him deeply wanting to feel himself be claimed again by the younger man.  He needed to feel that nothing would come between them and whatever tried would be eradicated.  He needed to feel Tony’s blood flow through him and he needed that now.

Tony feeling everything Jethro felt as it rushed through his mind accepted the advances as the older man’s lips and fangs touched every inch of his body branding him.  Every touch fueling the fire between them and building it to an inferno neither one could control nor desired to do so.

Jethro was consumed by his desire, wanting and needing more of Tony.  “Take me.”  He growled in Tony’s ear.  “I want to feel every inch of you.  I want to know that there will never be another.”

Tony savagely kissed the older man allowing his fangs to graze his lips and tongue, dominating him.  Letting Jethro feel through their bond that he was the only one that Tony wanted, needed and loved and that no other would come between them.

“You are mine and I am yours.”  The words flowed from the younger man’s lips as his fangs sank in Jethro’s neck.  The older man’s body writhed with the power of the words as he heard and felt them.  “This bond we have Jethro is stronger than others of our kind.  We are truly bound in every way that is possible.  You hear my thoughts, you feel my emotions, and my heart is yours.”

“You are my consort, I chose you with my heart, and you gave yourself to me freely.  We are tied together through eternity and I will let no one come between us.”  As Tony spoke the words, he trailed his fangs down the older man’s body marking him.

“I love you Jethro.”  His fangs pierced the older man’s heart as his cock entered the man’s body joining them in a primal dance.  Love, lust and desire all came together to send them both over the edge without warning.

Jethro’s release flowed between their bodies and as Tony’s release neared, he raised his head and commanded.  “Now Jethro.”

Understanding the command Jethro sank his fangs into Tony’s heart and felt the life force flow through him.  He understood everything that Tony said with great clarity.  They were one.


Tony made a stop before work to get coffee for everyone.  They decided that this would be the last time they would travel to work separately.

Walking through the elevator doors to the bullpen Tony smiled at McGee and Ziva as he placed their drinks on their respective desks.  They both looked at him with some surprise.  Ziva stood and walked over to Tony.

“What is the occasion?”  She eyed him appreciatively.  “There is something different about you.  You seem stronger, even sexier somehow.”

“Same me Ziva.”  Tony tried to put a little distance between them.

She cocked her head and smiled.  “I think not.  Maybe we could have dinner tonight?”

“Conference room.  NOW!”  Gibbs barked out.

Tony couldn’t help but smile inwardly at the jealous action.  The four of them entered the elevator.  McGee quite puzzled at their boss’s demeanor and Ziva lost in the puzzle that was Tony, trying to fit the pieces together.

Gibbs tried to put some distance between her and Tony.  He tried to keep the jealousy and possessiveness in his control, but found it hard to do around her.

“Tony and I are in a relationship.  We wanted it out in the open, no secrets.  Do either of you have a problem with this?”

Tony grinned at Ziva and McGee.  “What did you expect?  He is a man of few words.”  He saw McGee’s shocked face and then his mind fitting all the things he knew about the two men, concluding that it made sense.  Tony had always been able to keep Gibbs in check and Gibbs always had been able to get Tony to focus.

“Surprised.  Didn’t see it, but…I have to say it is weirdly logical.  I am pretty sure anyone else would have trouble putting up with either of you.  You both are…difficult.”

Tony nodded.  “True.  I can give you that one McGeek.”  Tony turned his eyes to Ziva already having sensed the quiet discontent and hidden malice.


Though trying to seem nonchalant, the tick in her jaw was a dead give away.  “Neither of you has expressed interest in the same sex before.  Why?”

Tony narrowed his eyes.  “The dossier didn’t give you all the pertinent details about my life Ziva.  Not everything can be found.  I can be discreet when I choose to be.  And whether or not we have ever expressed interest in the same sex is a moot point.  We are together period.”

McGee watched a brief green flame appear in Tony’s eyes as he addressed Ziva and though he understood the anger, he was surprised by the controlled power he sensed.  It wasn’t as if he didn’t know there was a great deal more to the man than Tony ever let on, but this was more than he imagined.  He was suddenly glad Tony was on their side.

“Maybe the dossier didn’t cover everything, but you flirt with everything in a skirt.  I do not see you switching that suddenly.  There must be another reason.”

Tony spoke, his voice calm but with an edge so sharp, it could not be missed.  “The only reason I am with Jethro is because I choose to be.  Flirting is an excellent cover and valuable tool.  There is nothing for you to doubt or question.”

McGee was waiting for Gibbs to strangle Ziva and by the look on his face, he felt it was going to be soon.

“Ziva, if this bothers you I will request that you be transferred.  I will not put up with this line of questioning from you.  Do I make myself clear?”  Gibbs eyes narrowed as he struggled to keep his emotions in control.

Ziva’s eyes flared at the thought of being transferred.  “I do not wish to be transferred.  I merely am questioning your motives.”

Gibbs shook his head.  “No, you’re pissed that Tony didn’t fall for your ploy.  Get over it”

McGee looked at Tony as Tony watched the two of them.  To be honest it went about as well as he thought it would.  He knew ZIva would not be quiet and he still had other concerns regarding her and the flashes that he got from her mind.  He wasn’t even trying to read it that was how strong the thoughts were.

They would just have to watch her carefully.

They exited the elevator, tensions among the three of them high and McGee realized that if he had to pick a side that he was with Tony and Gibbs.  There was always something dark about Ziva that had never let him trust her 100% and the show she was putting on only gave his own feeling credence.

He already knew that Tony had his own doubts about her allegiances and felt there was something off.  And despite the fact that he also felt something was different about Tony, he trusted the man.

They all sat at their desks and covertly watched one another.  Forced to work cold cases, the tension in the air was palatable and showed no sign of abating any time soon.  Gibbs watched Ziva closely and for the first time understood what Tony had tried to explain about his gut feeling about her.  There was something and it was not a good thing.

How could he have not seen it all this time?  Was he really that blind?  And Tony had been right about McGee; he took it all in stride and quickly worked out the variables.  Gibbs realized the gut feeling he had about Ziva was not centered on the jealousy, but a more sinister feeling.  Tony sent him a feeling of calmness and he allowed that to flow through him, reminding him that they were not alone and they could call the council and fill them in on their gut feelings.

The ability to have a conversation in their heads was actually quite nice, and they managed to work out a few of the details surrounding their feelings.  Tony shot him some theories and they made sense.  Frankly, besides making sure everyone was informed, all they could do was wait until she made a move or the puppeteer was revealed.

Thankfully, the day was finally over and Gibbs sent everyone home.

McGee flew down to Abby’s lab no doubt to fill her in and get some more perspective and Ziva left the building quickly sending both men a glare of loathing.


As she watched him walk in the bar, she looked at her watch.  “You are late.”

“I apologize; I got caught up in a business deal.”

“I do not wish to hear of things that are of no importance.”  She glared at the man before her.  “Your information was incorrect and I believe we need to renegotiate.”

“There will be no renegotiations.  It is not my fault that you have been unable to lead the man to your bed.  Everything I know, I shared.  You were supposed to lure him in bed and trap him.  With your considerable charms, that should have been a walk in the park.”

“It would seem that you do not really know the man at all.  He is in a relationship already.”

He glared at the young woman.  “You’re a beautiful woman, make him cheat.  That will turn the tables.”

“I do not believe that I shall be able to charm my way into his pants.  He is very serious about this relationship and I do not possess the proper equipment to turn him.”

“You have tits and a pussy, use them.  Make him want you.”

“He has been impervious to my powers.  I have not been able to get even a glimmer of a chance.  And a pussy and tits will not help me.  He is in a relationship with a man; maybe a cock would turn his head.”

Quite pleased that she made the arrogant man before her speechless, she waited.

“That is not possible.  You must have been mistaken.  He is a skirt chaser.”

“They admitted it to the team today; this is from his own mouth.”

“Then by God you need to work quickly before he takes him as his consort or all will be lost.  I shall be shamed in my home world.  This must not happen.”

“We may be too late; they seemed comfortable with one another.”

“No, I refuse to accept the fact that my son likes to take it up the ass.  He is a DiNozzo.  You will prevent them from bonding.  There is no way that they have yet, he just returned from Italy and would not have spilled the truths about his life.  He is too intensely insecure to share that with anyone.  If you want to unite the clans and gain my son’s power you must succeed.”

“He should not be the chosen one.  I tried throughout his childhood to insure that he would be weak and unable to stand up for himself.  You can use his insecurities against him.  Do what ever you have to do, but do it.  We are running out of time and I will not go down alone if this plan fails.”

“Are you threatening me?”  Ziva’s eyes narrowed dangerously.  “I have powers of my own, or have you forgotten?”  She flashed her fangs briefly.  “Be careful in your dealings with me, Mr. DiNozzo.”

“I have not forgotten, but remember he is my son after all.  And I can assure you blood is thicker than water.”  He turned and left the woman sitting alone.

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