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Rating - nc-17
Pairing - Gibbs/DiNozzo
Warning ; My take on what could have happened in 'Dead Air"

Summary: You're supposed to be a team, respect one another and always have each other's six. What if two team members disregard that protocol? One life hangs in the balance due to their arrogance and selfishness. A cover up and lies is all that they speak in their defense as their actions come to light. Tag to 'Dead Air'- what could have happened by the simple action of turning a switch

McGee sat in interrogation patiently and calmly waiting for someone to ask him questions about the malfunctioning coms.  Presumably, there would have to be an inquiry about them being used in an investigation.  Since Tony had messed things up as usual by getting lost or whatever, that would factor into it as well.

Tim knew he and Ziva would be asked about the time lapse and had already discussed that they would just say that they truly were unaware of how much time had passed.  It was plausible; it happened to people all the time. 

He could only hope that he caused the right amount of damage to the two units.  He had belatedly realized that Abby was the one that had readied the coms and hoped that she wouldn’t suffer any fallout for the ‘damaged’ coms being assigned.  But if it came down to that, he was certain that Gibbs would watch out for her.

Tim heard the door open and sat up straight looking, for all intents and purposes, unconcerned as two men walked in the room.

“Agent McGee, I am Agent Brewster and this is Agent Evert from IA.  We have some questions that we would like to ask you.”

Tim nodded.

“You understand this will be recorded and is admissible in court if necessary?”

“I understand.”  Tim couldn’t imagine any reason it would be needed in court.

“Since you understand, let’s begin.”  Agent Brewster asked the first question.       

“What was your assignment today Agent McGee?”

“We were to obtain voice prints from everyone who lived in the Royal Woods neighborhood in hopes that it would match with the voice captured on tape from the phone call made to the one victim, radio personality Adam Gator.  There was an expectation that it would lead us to the MAH group which we believed perpetrated the murders”.

Both men nodded at his response.

“There was reason to believe this was far more than a simple murder then?  A possible small cell of people who intended to do harm to more than just the three victims?”

McGee nodded before remembering he was also being taped.  “Yes.  We had reason to believe from the threats and the phone call that there was more than just a slaying of a radio personality planned.  That they had a point they wanted to make.”

“So effectively Agent DiNozzo was talking with everyone in hopes to nail a possible homeland terrorist.  Is that the idea Agent McGee?”


‘How was Agent DiNozzo chosen to be the voice of this operation?”

McGee smiled for the first time since the interrogation started.  “Agent DiNozzo has a mouth that won’t stop.  He likes to talk about anything and nothing.  He is very rarely quiet.”

Agent Evert narrowed his eyes.  “It says here in the report he was chosen because he has great undercover skills and is very good at making people comfortable.”

McGee shrugged.  “Maybe that what it says.  I just know he likes to talk, I have only heard rumors of his undercover skills and can’t speak on that.”

The two IA agents looked at one another beginning to put their own pieces of the puzzle together.  Agent Brewster leaned forward.

“So you feel that another agent would have conducted the interviews in a way that was far more professional?”

“Maybe…he’s like the class clown, but if it gets the job done then no harm no foul.  So whether or not a better more qualified agent could have done the job is a moot point.  He was the one chosen and I just followed orders from then on.”

“When did you realize that you lost contact?”

McGee looked like he was trying to be clear.  “Maybe a couple hours in, Agent David and I realized we hadn’t heard Agent DiNozzo’s voice.  Then we noticed that the coms appeared to be malfunctioning.”

Agent Brewster spoke up.  “So you heard him converse with the neighbors for awhile?”

McGee nodded.  “An hour or two, somewhere in there.  It wasn’t exciting conversation, so I lost track of time.”

Agent Brewster continued the line of questioning.  “You didn’t find it odd that suddenly there was no talking to be heard when the whole point of this assignment was to obtain voice prints?”

“I tuned it out, it was boring.  I must have tuned out a great deal better than I realized.”  McGee chuckled.  “Tony was not having stimulating conversations.”

Agent Evert’s eyes hardened.  “You and Agent David were assigned as his back up; it was not the time to ‘tune out’ anyone.  You were investigating a murder and hunting for a possible terrorist cell, not attending a child’s play and you’re stating for the record that you ‘tuned him out’.  Those are the words you used to describe your own actions, am I correct?”

McGee tried to backtrack.  “It wasn’t like that, time just got away, and then we lost him.  We called Agent Gibbs and he came out right away.”

Agent Brewster nodded.  “He came out to find Tony.  Did he ask you how long it had been since you heard his voice?”

“He did and Agent David and I tried to be clear, but it wasn’t like we were watching the clock.”

There was a soft knock on the door.  Agent Evert stood and walked over to it opening it slightly and put his head out to find out what was needed.

Abby leaned forward and whispered in his ear frantically and he noticed her eyes were red; she was clearly upset.  He nodded as she filled him in on what she needed and why as she handed him an evidence bag and a pair of gloves.  He nodded and motioned for her to stay there.  He understood that, for the moment, Gibbs and Vance wanted to keep any information about Tony and the whole investigation quiet.

Abby would not have been able to remain civil; her face would have clearly shown a wealth of emotions that no one was ready to share.  

Closing the door, he put the gloves on and turned to McGee.  “Agent McGee we need your knife please.”  He held out the evidence bag.

“Why?”  He asked as he slowly pulled it out of his pocket.

Two pairs of eyes narrowed at the question but Agent Evert continued.

“Place the knife in the evidence bag please.”  As the knife was dropped into the bag, he sealed it, taking out his pen to sign and date the seal.  “The knife has been requested for evidence.”

As he turned to the door, he saw McGee swallow nervously.  Opening the door, he handed off the bag to Abby and signed the transfer log, maintaining the chain of custody, keeping everything by the book.  It didn’t take rocket scientist to figure out that the man had indeed messed with the coms and the proof was now in the hands of one of the best forensic scientists in the country. 

He did wonder what the two NCIS agents were thinking at the time or if they did at all.  He was thoroughly disgusted by the fact that they left their partner without any back up and so far, as far as he was aware, hadn’t even asked about him once.

He motioned to Agent Brewster.  “Agent McGee you will need to stay in this room.  We will be conducting an interview with Agent David and you will be unable to leave until the Director releases you after reviewing our reports.”

“So I am done with the questions?”

“For the moment Agent McGee.  We may need clarification on a few of your answers; it will depend on several things so sit tight.”  He opened the door and he and Agent Brewster stepped into the hall closing the door behind them.

“So Abby found reason to believe the coms were tampered with?”  Brewster asked.

“Found small nicks and some shavings inside the coms.  It was a rush job.  Neither of them believed that they were doing anything wrong and so far they have no idea what is going on with Agent DiNozzo.”

Agent Brewster shook his head.  “Have either of them even asked about him?”

“Not that I am aware.”

“If the shavings are from his knife, it’s another nail in the coffin.”

Agent Evert nodded.  “From what I have seen and heard so far combined with time line and the medical report detailing Tony’s injuries, they already have more nails then they will know what to do with.  They have shown no remorse or concern.  During the questioning, McGee perjured himself.”

“Let’s go see what Agent David has to say.  I’m gonna bet that she says damn near the same thing.


McGee was a bit panicked after the two IA agents had left.  Quite shaken by the request for his knife, he tried to remember if he wiped it off or not after he tampered with the coms.  He barely played with the small intricate wires, certainly not enough to leave trace.

In hindsight, he realized that maybe he should have worn gloves as well.  But he was careful when he placed the knife inside, knowing that was a delicate piece of equipment.  But Abby was the one who would be examining them. 

Then it dawned on him that she didn’t come inside the room to retrieve the knife herself.  Usually she would have organized something so that she could lend some sort of support for him.  She wouldn’t have reason not to offer support…would she?

No.  McGee shook his head.  His thoughts were getting away from him, there was nothing to find, he was careful.  He knew about electronics and he didn’t leave any trace.  Maybe there was a ploy on Abby’s part, but the two IA agents wouldn’t let her in.

Everything was going to be all right, McGee smiled.  He and Ziva had their stories worked out and they would be cleared.  There was nothing to worry about; nothing at all.

Date: 2012-12-21 05:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
What a Wonderful story to get on a cold winter's night! More please soon! I can't wait to see what justice awaits these two!

Date: 2012-12-21 03:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you so much! I am so excited that you're enjoying it! There is a great deal more to come! My muse had hijacked the story and ...well you know how muses are! Quite determined! Thank you so much! I hope that you continue to enjoy it!

Date: 2012-12-21 01:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh..I can't wait for them to get theirs for letting Tony get hurt! *scowls and grumbles*

Date: 2012-12-21 03:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh they will definitely pay! They have no idea of what will be in store for them! They will both be damn lucky if I can manage to keep Gibbs from getting his hands on them. More soon! Thank you! = )


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