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Rating- MA- I am certain I don't need to tell you why!!
Pairing- Gibbs/DiNozzo
Disclaimer - I own nothing of NCIS...*sigh*..but maybe if I wish really hard......

Summary - Tony has been in Italy for two weeks attending his Great Uncles funeral and tending to his estate. And for two weeks Gibbs' gut has been churning. Tony has stayed in touch with Abby with the exception of one he alright? What happened? But he does say he will be home in time for her Halloween party and is excited to hear that she convinced Gibbs to attend. So what is going on?


Tony was concentrating on a file at his desk when his phone rang.


“He’s downstairs?”

“Escort him upstairs please.”

Tony looked over at Gibbs’ desk.  “Apparently my father is downstairs.  They are escorting him up.”  He pulled out his cell and began to text Jules.

Gibbs walked over, standing by Tony’s desk and motioned at the phone.  “Letting the council know?”

Tony nodded.  “I’m sure our protection detail already has, but I want them to hear it from me as well.”  He lifted up his eyes to meet the concerned blue eyes.  “I don’t like that he’s here.  You know he and I don’t share that type of father-son relationship.  He has ulterior motives.”  Tony’s phone vibrated and he looked down to read the incoming message.

“They already know that Senior is here.  They are trying to figure out what he wants; they don’t feel good about it either.”

Gibbs nodded.  “Let’s do what we do best and ferret out the information.  Use your skills and peek.  It’s not like you don’t have a damn good reason to mistrust him.”

Tony sighed.  “I know.  It just sucks that I have to get all investigative on my own father.  Don’t get me wrong, I will and certainly I don’t trust him…but he’s still my father.”

“I know.  Let’s keep our eyes and ears open.”  He looked to the two empty desks.  “McGee and Ziva should be back in an hour, give or take, from their recertification tests at the gun range.  Should be able to have him out of here before they return.”

The elevator door dinged and the doors opened revealing Anthony DiNozzo Senior.  Gibbs watched the man carefully as he walked toward his son with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.  Gibbs felt more than saw an underlying malevolent intent towards his son.  He kept a close watchful eye on the man as he approached Tony.

“Junior, it has been too long.  I was in town on business and thought that maybe we could spend some time together.  Have lunch perhaps, maybe even dinner and talk.”  His eyes narrowed as he spoke, trying to instill that fear that he had all those years ago.  Thought that tactic may have worked on his son before, that time had long since passed.

Tony held his father’s stare and pushed back as he dipped into his mind, startled by the fleeting visions that he found.  ‘What the hell?’  He thought as he saw his father meeting with Ziva.  He started to put the pieces together as they flashed in front of him and began to make sense of the odd feelings he had around Ziva since he returned.

He hadn’t really had much time to explore or question it at the time with so many changes going on, but now as he saw his father and her together everything became clear and by the time Ziva flashed her fangs at his father he had it figured out.

There were questions that still needed to be answered, what clan was she from?  What did she hope to gain?  What was his father hoping to accomplish by this unholy alliance?  A lot of questions that he, Jethro and the council would need answered.

“Sorry no can do Dad.”  He knew that calling the man by that moniker would bother him.

Tamping down his anger at his son’s refusal, he tried again.  “Surely you have time for your own father.  I am certain that your boss would be happy to let you have some personal time.  We are family after all.”

Senior looked over at Gibbs with his most charming smile in place.  “What do you say Agent Gibbs?  Can my son have time with his old man?”

Not falling for the man’s ploy Gibbs sent him a glare.  “If Tony says no, then no.  He is an adult as I am certain you’re aware.”

The façade was falling from Senior’s face as his well plotted plans were quickly turning to dust.  He hadn’t prepared for the possibility that Junior would tell him no and stand up to him.  He was going to have to rethink the situation and find another way to get his son under his thumb and in his control. 

Ziva was just going to have to work harder at charming the man and luring him into her bed.  He had it on good authority that her powers would render Junior in a pliable state once they had bonded and that was what he needed and wanted.

“I see, so there is no chance for me to try to make amends?  Possibly build a new relationship?”  He tried to sound repentant.

Tony shook his head and responded.  “No, not really Dad.  Too little too late.”   ‘And the fact that you want to control me is not helping your case.’  Tony thought to himself.  All the research that his father had done on Ziva, her clan and their powers seemed ridiculous.  He hadn’t even bothered to find out about his own heritage and the powers that his son had come into.  ‘Arrogantly blind’ Tony thought.

Senior stood there for a bit as he digested the fact that this wasn’t going to work before he began to leave.  “Well Junior, you have made yourself quite clear.  Seems a shame that you have no desire to give your only father a chance.  I am –“

Tony held up his hand.  “Stop it.  You disowned me when I was twelve.  You gave up your right to be my father then.  Funny how you show up now after Uncle A’s untimely death.  Seems a bit too coincidental to me.  Regardless of your reasons why you decided to take a sudden interest in my life, I am done with the whole father/son thing.  I don’t need or desire that relationship and you would do well to understand that.”

Senior was surprised at the words flowing from his son’s mouth and his own anger at everything reared its ugly head as he stepped towards his son and raised his hand ready to strike.  Before he could complete the action, his wrist was grasped in a grip of pure iron and as he turned his head angrily ready to rip onto whoever stopped him, his eyes were met by icy blue steel.  Fear coursed through his body as he felt Gibbs’ anger rolling off his body.

“You.  Will.  Not.  Ever.  Lay.  One.  Finger.  On.  Tony.  Do.  I. Make.  Myself.  Clear.”  Gibbs enunciated each word with pure venom.

Senior actually wondered if he had finally crossed the wrong man and was staring into the face of death.  “Fine.”  He huffed out trying to maintain a semblance of normalcy.

Tony’s own eyes met his father’s and the lack of warmth and feeling was evident.  “I believe we are done here.”

Senior turned and headed for the elevator whispering.  “Not by a long shot.”

Date: 2012-12-21 05:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh My! I think Sr. has stirred up a hornet's nest now! Too bad Tony's feelings have to get stun with the venom. but he is better off without him.

Date: 2012-12-21 03:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Senior will be quite surprised when the full scope of his actions come to lay at his feet. It is a shame that Tony had to be hurt once again...but in the end it is far better that he be free of the man who has so little regard for him! Senior has no clue! Than you!


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